Did Rosenstein THREATEN Devin Nunes?

Posted February 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Criminal cartels are often brought down by seemingly small blunders,  – careless words uttered in frustration,  – and tiny clues left at the scene of the crimes….
Now it seems that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has threatened retaliation against the Republican members of the House Intel Committee.  That’s a federal crime.  He could be looking at prison time.

Per the reporting of Greg Jarrett on Fox News (he is also an attorney) there was a meeting between Rosenstein and Nunes,  – when a frustrated Rosenstein told Nunes to back off or Rosenstein would subpoena all their emails and texts…

So now the question becomes the number and credibility of witnesses to that conversation…

A second witness….?

Here is Bill Still with a little historical background,  – from a time when the liberal media were absolutely delighted to investigate government wrongdoing,  – because it was the Republican President Nixon.

Folks, don’t expect instant justice here.   Trump’s team does not want any of this to look like a “vicious political vendetta” against Obama or Hillary.   So they’ll move slowly,  – and try to explain their moves to the public as they go.

I do expect some terrible ‘accidents’ and even ‘suicides’ along the way,  because some of these arrogant pricks know they won’t do very well in prison.

6 Responses to “Did Rosenstein THREATEN Devin Nunes?”

  1. Kojack

    I think Sessions will have to be replaced or NOTHING will happen. I really like him but he is not the man/person for this task.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Our beloved republic has lots of crazy people on both sides of the political spectrum, and lots of them have guns. I have long feared that some of these will become so fed up, or so in search for a cause or 15 minutes of fame, that they’ll start “refreshing the tree of liberty”…..

    With the Democrats and their witch-hunting sycophants behaving as they are, I also fear that day of reconning is fast approaching…..

  3. Panther 6

    Agree completely with Kojack and Green Beret LTC. I think if this proves true Rosenstein is toast. This stuff must be brought to an end. Surely there are some cool and honest folks on the demorat side who see that,,,surely one or two.

    We don’t need to refresh the tree of liberty with anyone’s blood at this point,,,my one exception with my GB LTC friends comments.

  4. Walter Knight

    President Trump, by example and deed, has set the templet for future Republican leadership: Be firm, resolute, and courageous against the liberal traitorous enemy. Call them out. Slowly, the rest of the Republican party is getting onboard with fighting back. Polite doesn’t work against liberals.

    Prosecute them all.

  5. Frank L McNamara, Jr.

    Now Mueller wishes to interview the President, and there is a lot of loose talk circulating among those on the Left who have all of a sudden fallen in love with the FBI.

    Were I or any other competent defense counsel advising Trump, or any other innocent person falsely accused in certain courts of public opinion of amorphous, alleged “crimes”, I would not let that client meet with any federal investigator under any circumstances, absent a grant of immunity; and perhaps not even then.

    That iron rule of advocacy applies with greater force in circumstances where, as here, the prosecutorial team who wishes to “interview” my client is comprised of individuals whose demonstrated animus and bad faith towards him is fast becoming a thing of legend.

    [Of course, if I knew that the fearless investigators were men and women such as those who interviewed Hillary Clinton at her house in July of 2016, – i.e., “investigators” predisposed to clear my client – then I might think differently.]

    The person who really needs to sit for an interview is Bob Mueller, the nominal “Republican”, and man with the DNA of a DOJ “lifer”, who is now, ironically, the Great White Hope of the Left.

    And here are just a few of the questions that Mueller needs to be asked:

    1. What efforts did you make during your twelve-year tenure as Director of the FBI to rid the Bureau hierarchy of partisan elements like McCabe, Strzoc, and Page? [Answer: Zero.]

    2. How long has Jim (“Lordy”) Comey been your BFF? [Answer: Forever.]

    3. Why will you not disclose to us, the taxpayers, the budget of the Special Counsel’s office? [Answer: Because the record of wastefulness and bloat that my team of elitist anti-Trump bureaucrats has compiled in less than a year embarrasses even me.]

    4. Is it because you are politically tone deaf, or is there some other reason why you hired so many partisan liberal Democrats (are there any other kind?) to staff the office of the Special Counsel? [Answer: Because I too am creature of the Swamp and the Deep State, and these are the only people I know.]

    5. Now that the FISA warrant targeting Carter Page, an outgrowth of the Trump-Russia collusion canard and the genesis of the Special Counsel’s appointment, has been conclusively shown to have been a product of the dodgy dossier that was bought and paid for by the Clinton Crime Cartel, whither your investigation? [Answer: Don’t you know that as a product of St. Paul’s School and Princeton, I am beyond reproach?]

  6. MC

    Conflict of Interest: Rosenstein’s wife Lisa Barsoomian is a lawyer in private practice – she SPECIALIZES in fighting FOIA requests, – has represented Robert Mueller 3 times, James Comey 5 times, Barack Obama 45 times, Kathleen Sebellius 56 times, Bill Clinton 40 times, and Hillary Clinton 17 times between 1991 and 2017.