Did Prince Charles Snub Mike Pence?

Posted January 24th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The future King of England has a lot on his mind lately.  His younger brother Andrew is ensnared with the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal;  his (son?) Harry has run off to Canada with his gold-digging American wife;  – and Boris Johnson just delivered Brexit.

So did he ‘forget’ to shake hands with Mike Pence at the 5th World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem? Two videos:

Charles has a lot on his mind – his Brother’s sex life,  – his (son?) Harry and his American actress wife running off to Canada,  – and ongoing doubts that he’ll ever be King. 

So maybe he gets testy and forgetful…?

The Russian viewpoint:

Charles is 71,  his son William is 37,  – and body language alone tells us “Wills” is a favorite of the Queen….  So she may retire and name William as her successor – bypassing Charles…

No wonder the Colonies revolted in 1776.  This royalty shit has gone on for over 1,000 years! 

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