Did Jeff Bezos Approve The Monkeys?

Posted December 23rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Did know-it-all billionaire Amazon.com founder and recent Washington Post owner know about and approve the carton showing Ted Cruz’s daughters as monkeys?
Jeff Bezon  Monkey Cartoon
After all, just 5 short years ago Bezos was about to publish a ‘how-to book’ for molesting children by a renown pedophile.   Clearly Bezos lives in a world where profit and crappy politics are more important than kids.


Ted's Christmas ad

Somebody at the Post thought that Ted’s Christmas message featuring tongue-in-cheek reading of ‘Dr. Seuss’ made Ted’s young daughters fair game.

Ted Cruz monkey cartoon

Editor Martin Baron would have had to approve the cartoon….

Editor Martin Baron

Hey Jeff, – how soon will we see your apology on the front page of the Post?

Obama Family

3 Responses to “Did Jeff Bezos Approve The Monkeys?”

  1. Hunter556

    A sneak peek into the truth about the progressive party. Look closely minorities…..you are a means to an end…..nothing more….in fact even less.

  2. Hunter556

    Odd that the Post would publish a cartoon of Cruz walking obama’s kids?

  3. panther6

    It was a low blow and I hope helped Mr. Cruz. I am not locked in to anyone yet but this WAPO cartoon made me sympathetic. Try doing anything like that to the BO brood. The backlash has been enough for WAPO to pull the cartoon.