Did Hillary Squash A Pedophilia Probe?

Posted November 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Damn,  do you think NBC has seen Hillary’s Death Certificate?   They’re suddenly joining Senator Gillibrand in flinging her under the bus!

There are TWO (2) key stories in this post:  (1). that Hillary and her State Department Posse covered up pedophilia,  and (2). the Media is turning on their ‘Beloved First Woman President‘! 
Video below the fold:

We first reported on Hillary’s State Department fixers over a year ago:  Her Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills and clean-up man Patrick F. Kennedy buried a lot of dirty laundry.

Remember it was Mills who throughout 2012 REFUSED to send additional security to Benghazi, – despite Ambassador Chris Stevens’ repeated urgent requests.  She thought additional security might draw attention to the ongoing illegal arms smuggling.

Remember that a member of Hillary’s Posse – FBI Director James Comey – questioned Mills – or tried to…. Mills walked out without answering anything – claiming attorney-client privilege with Hillary. Yes, Mills is the lawyer who helped represent Bill during his impeachment.

Her lawyer – Beth Wilkinson – is married to David Gregory (NBC/ CNN).

Howard Gutman is a lawyer (Columbia & Harvard Law) and a lifelong HEAVY donor and bundler to both the Clintons and Obama.   His reward was to become Ambassador to Belgium – where his fondness for prostitutes and young boys became noticed.

Patrick F. Kennedy was the US State Dept career dweeb who’d become skilled at covering up bad news.

So now this – – NBC begins to report the news they’ve been burying for years!

This has to be based on TWO calculations:

The Clintons are at last DEAD MEAT!

The public’s appetite for salacious sexual scandals needs feeding….

3 Responses to “Did Hillary Squash A Pedophilia Probe?”

  1. Jim Gettens

    Will the last honorable District of Corruption denizen having a pair of cojones–if there is one–PLEASE turn off the lights there when you leave?

  2. Sherox

    The Clintons will never pay for their deeds this side of the grass.

  3. Vince

    Clinton corruption at it best….lock then all up.