Did DHS Queens Run Amok?

Posted August 10th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Bad leadership, – or ‘girls gone wild’?

So alleges a federal discrimination lawsuit filed by James T. Hayes, Jr. – currently the NY City chief of ICE.  He says that life back at the DC HQ became hellish and bizarre when the ‘ladies’ came to run things.  He’s looking for a modest $335,000 in damages.

Napolitano and her friends won’t want to settle this one, so between this and Fast & Furious, Janet is likely to run up some legal bills, – and spend a lot of time giving depositions.

WE should bring a Citizen’s Class Action suit against her for ignoring both her Oath of Office and her sworn duty to protect us.  She IS the ‘hole in the fence‘!  It was HER people facilitating Fast & Furious. 

The ‘Players’:

Janet Napolitano: Secretary of Homeland Security, former Gov of AZ 6-yrs , AttnyGeneral of AZ 4-yrs , clerked for liberal judge Mary Schroeder [Carter appointee / spotted owl case] on the 9th Circuit.   Has repeatedly lied under oath to Congress. 

Suzanne Barr: Just 9 years out of law school, she interned for Senators McCain and Kyl – then Governor Napolitano.  Note – she was only 6 years out of law school – with almost ZERO security or law enforcement background – when DHS Queen Janet gave her the post of CoS for ICE.

Dora Schriro:  JD, EdD, 28 years in prison systems.  Just hired by Michael Bloomberg to be NYC Commissioner of Corrections.  Worked for Napolitano at DHS in the early months of 2009, and for her in Arizona as Director of Corrections.

I cannot help but note her 28-year career has always placed her in ultimate control of vulnerable and helpless inmates…

UPDATE:  NYC and the Riker’s Island prison was too hot for Dora.  She moved on to work for another MoonBat Democrat – Gov Malloy in Connecticut – as head of Emergency Services and Public Protection…yeah, she runs the CT State Police…

James Hayes, Jr:  Plaintiff.  Began as a border agent with ICE in 1995.  Claims Janet Napolitano hired her ‘girlfriends’ into top DHS posts – and they proceeded to make life miserable for the male employees – even moving three mens desks into a latrine and making sexual phone calls.

Anybody think that Janet Napolitano will make a sympathetic defendant?  After calling the Fort Hood shooting ‘workplace violence’?

UPDATE: Sat 11 Aug 2012:  A second lawsuit – by Jason Mountalleges he was passed over 43 times for less qualified female candidates.  He wants $3 Million.

UPDATE: Tues 14 Aug 2012: Ms. Barr places HERSELF? on leave ‘pending a review’. Seems two more witnesses have come forward to pack up the Hayes lawsuit. 

UPDATE: Thurs 16 Aug:  Texas Congressman Mike McCaul will probe the leadership [vacuum] of DHS.
Should be fun to see what people say under oath.

UPDATE: Saturday 1 Sep: Score ONE for Jim Haynes – Mz Bump has resigned!

DHS and ICE personnel [and friends] are welcome to leave comments – particularly if you know something about these cases.  We’ve had over 9700 hits on this page thus far – some of you know stuff!

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And, could one of you drop a copy of our Constitution on Jeh Johnson’s desk, – please…?

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    Add to Suzanne Barr Credentials, the willingness to give head to endowed men.