Did Cuomo Just Steal Hillary’s Parachute?

Posted March 22nd, 2020 by Iron Mike

With just 113 days until the start of the Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee (if it can be held), – lots of people were expecting Hillary to parachute in as “the responsible alternative” to the two crazy old coots…

But now many are whispering a different name,  – NY Governor Andrew Cuomo,  – based on his handling of the Coronavirus Crisis and in particular that renegade communist mayor down in NYC.

You KNOW that sitting alone with Bill in Chappaqua, – Hillary is totally pissed!

Nobody has even called to interview her for her ‘expertise’ on handling pandemics…

And Cuomo doesn’t come with trail of dead bodies (Arkancide) and dead witnesses (Vince Foster / Seth Rich / Benghazi Four / Jeffrey Epstein),  so all he has as baggage is his son Fredo.

When measured against the Clinton Crime Cartel,  Cuomo looks “clean as a whistle”…

If it can be held this July – the DNC is going to be a lot of laughs to watch! 

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