Did Corruption Create The Coronavirus?

Posted January 24th, 2020 by Iron Mike

What you don’t know CAN kill you!  The Chinese appear to be in a full-blown panic over the Coronavirus.  Why?  In a nation which forces the abortion of a second child,  – where they have over 1,300,000,000 people,  why are they panicked by the deaths of a few hundred, – now even quarantining entire cities?

Do you have a CLUE about how many and how much of our legitimate pharmaceuticals sold here in the US are made and imported from China…?  What if….? 

A little-known and little-understood side effect of our decades-long trade imbalance with the People’s Republic has been that over those decades some 80% of our prescription drugs (or key ingredients therein) are manufactured in China,  – many in facilities that US eyeballs have never seen.

There have been problems….

And if some of those problems reached the USA,  imagine how many went unreported in China, – where corruption is a way of life.

What if the Coronavirus is a product of an ordinary and curable virus  – that Chinese Doctors unknowingly treated with altered or diluted antibiotics…which allowed that virus to mutate rather than die,  – and the resulting mutation was stronger and now immune to antibiotics…?

Could Chinese corruption have finally and inadvertently created a long-dreaded super-bug?

Is this why the Chinese seem to be in a panic,  – because if enough die in China due to lack of government oversight,  – there will be a revolution…?

They already have bodies falling in their streets,  – and they can’t hide it.

Today – as we publish this entry,  and as the US Senate goes into Day 4 of the Impeachment Trial,…can you think of any more important work Congress should be tending to?

Can you think of any more competent,  capable,  and hard-working person to lead our nation through a Chinese Plague, – anybody better than Donald Trump?

Why can’t Democraps THINK?

2 Responses to “Did Corruption Create The Coronavirus?”

  1. panther 6

    Problems with the Chinese drug industry and its link to much of our
    drugs has been reported, and frankly ignored, now for several years.’

    This new virus may well blow the lid on things. Not sure how our pharmaceutical troops will react but it could prove to be a real and lasting problem for our citizens. We just pop pills and never question where they came from nor how they were made assuming, falsely, that they were made here to food and drug US standards.

  2. Walter Knight

    Dig deeper, and the possibility of a weaponized virus developed by the Chinese escaping into their community looks like a possibility.