Did Belarus Hack ObamaCare?

Posted February 4th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Imagine!?!   Little Belarus may have beaten the Chinese?
Belarus Hacks ObamaCare
US Intelligence officials warned Kathleen Sebelius that her precious ObamaCare website software may have been infected by one of Belarus’s most famous hackers.

Gee, – how could that have happened in such a carefully constructed website?

Seems a fellow named Valery Tsepkalo – head of high tech for Belarus – was bragging recently that he was helping CGI Federal build the ObamaCare website.

Our guys think he installed some malicious software to divert user information through computers in Belarus. 

There are only two (2) explanations for this….

(1).  The ObamaCare website was never intended to work, – so Obama, Sebelius et al – didn’t give a crap if it worked or not, – or if it was hacked.   They were building it to FAIL!   This is my cynical view.

(2).  Obama, Sebelius & Cartel are so totally inept they can’t build anything but national debt.   This would be my most charitable view.


FYI – Belarus is a country roughly the size of Kansas, – a dictatorship, – and VERY friendly with Russia.   Landlocked, – they have to play nice with their neighbors – mostly with Russia.

President Alexander Lukashenko is very close with Putin.
President Alexander Lukashenko

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  1. Casey Chapman

    Oh—-so they outsources our government’s healthcare system’s website to not one but 2 countries. And the second one is Belarus? One is a friend of Michelle’s, and the other is a communist country. Just the type of country Barry favors. What could go wrong???