Did A Nervous Hillary Jump The Gun?

Posted June 7th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Her Monday night announcement that she already has enough delegates is sure to piss off some California loyalists….  Maybe they’ll stay home today,…and give Bernie another meaningless primary win…?
Sanders Hillary
She ~ could ~ have easily withheld her crowing until Tuesday’s votes were counted,…so why did she blurt it out?

Did Roger Clinton’s DUI arrest and Gary Byrne’s tell-all book make her suddenly nervous…?

And why is Obama set to jump in and campaign for her?  

He’s essentially signaling that his JUST-US Department will not render an indictment before November – if ever….

He wants Hillary to get off on Benghazi,   Fast & Furious,  the private server,  and a lot of other sins – because he wants his ‘legacy’ uncluttered by court cases and jury findings.

And because he could be caught in the blowback…. He’s as guilty as she is.

And they are both counting on all those frustrated bitter single-issue voters – who JUST want a WOMAN PRESIDENT!

Hillary equals 4 more years

Dear God,…please help the stupid people wake up!

5 Responses to “Did A Nervous Hillary Jump The Gun?”

  1. Varvara

    No, I am not ready for 4 more years of this deceit. And, will the Justice Department follow his lead or will they stand up and do the right thing?

    Ugh, what has happened to our country?

  2. Sherox

    What happened to our country? We, the American people, stopped paying attention and have allowed this to happen. The people forgot that they are the government.

  3. Hawk1776

    The Democrats use of super delegates assures her victory; it’s all over but the coronation. Let’s hope she self destructs during the Presidential campaign.

  4. Mt Woman

    The AP’s calculated release of the story that Hillary had essentially attained the needed delegates kept many a Calif Burn supporter at home on Tuesday night. At this point Bernie states that he will hang in there until late July, realistically, he’s meeting with Obama tomorrow and my guess is that he will fold under the pressure.

    Would not be a surprise, he has never distinguished himself in the senate as a fighter.

    He’s waiting to see what the FBI report determines, but my guess is that Obama will clearly advise him that 1) he knows that the FBI will not indite but rather protect Hill and 2) even on the slight chance that Hill has to leave the race, the nod will go to ole Joe–“never the Bern”!!

  5. Kojack

    Obysmal’s endorsement of the Hildebeast is a signal that the FBI “investigation” will go away. Nothing to see here folks.