Dick Turban Rants Against Gorsuch

Posted April 6th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Sort of like asking for peace….as the missiles are in re-entry…
Let’s see what he’s says on TV come Sunday Morning.

3 Responses to “Dick Turban Rants Against Gorsuch”

  1. Kojack

    The DEMOCRAP ASSHOLES are so delusional they have forgotten that they are spending all of their political capital and there is NO-WAY that they can stop Gorsuch from being confirmed. WAY TO GO DEMOCRAPS. Hopefully(very likely) a lib-TURD judge will leave the bench and Trump will get to appoint another conservative.

  2. Hawk1776

    Throughout the Gorsuch discussions the mainstream media has ignored the “Biden Rule” which suggests a Supreme Court justice should not be considered during a President’s last year in office. Nor has there been any mention that two very liberal justices, Kagen and Sotomayor, were confirmed by a nearly two thirds majority that included Republicans.

    Merrick Garland did not receive a hearing due in no small part to the “Biden Rule”, proposed by our favorite Democrat Joe Biden. Apparently he never considered that it could be used by Republicans. If the Republicans invoke the “nuclear option” to permit confirmation by a simple majority, I’m sure no one in the media will credit Harry Reid who changed Senate protocol to accommodate his agenda. He too never considered the consequences of a Republican majority. All we will hear is how unfair the Republicans are to have changed the Senate rules to force confirmation of an unqualified justice.

  3. Mt Woman

    An interesting thought: Mitch McConnell really took a big gamble last year when he wouldn’t give Garland an opportunity to go before the Senate for a vote. Had the Republicans not won office in November I question if President (ahem) Clinton would have even continued on with Garland, but would have gone forward with the nomination of a much more liberal judge. After all, she would have nothing to lose and would simultaneously have to keep the progressive base happy. She probably would have put up for nomination Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama or even Bill Clinton. Thank you PRESIDENT Donald TRUMP!


    EXACTLY! The fate of our Republic – indeed all of Western Civilization – was on the line! Thank you GOD!