Dianne Feinstein’s Evil Revenge

Posted December 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

The Senator from California took to the Senate floor Tuesday to read a report about CIA TORTURE METHODS. She did so with great malice toward the CIA – and in complete disregard to the many lives she was dooming to an ugly death.
Feinstein's Revenge on the CIA

The moment was ALL ABOUT HER, – all about her using abusing her power to exact REVENGE on the CIA, – because they bugged her and her staffers looking for leaks.

And as a loyal Democrat – she wanted to drive another nail into the coffin of George W. Bush. In that moment she became a domestic enemy.

NEVER underestimate the wrath of a post-menopausal MoonBat about to be sidetracked in the MINORITY Party.

Feinstein has forgotten

Of course the whole thing was couched in a cloak of ‘upholding American Values’.

Really? Exactly what American Value includes placing our people at greater risk of torture and death by Islamic Terrorists?   What American Value is there in handing ISIS a recruiting tool?

Democrats like Feinstein always want to ‘uphold American Values’ – until it comes to our National Sovereignty,  the unborn child’s Right to Life,  – or our Second Amendment.

Feinstein loves abortion hates guns

The CIA Torture report has been years and Million$ of Dollar$ in the making – by Democratic staffers in the US Senate. These staffers live in the relative safety of Washington and nearby bedroom communities, and have a near-zero chance of becoming a prisoner of al Qaeda, tortured or beheaded.

And Senator Feinstein has had years to think about what to do with the report. She’s had lots of serious intelligence folks tell her of the harm releasing it will do.

Some Defense and Intelligence secrets should REMAIN SECRET!

But this bitter vicious bitch just doesn’t care!

She wanted her revenge – as badly as ISIS wants theirs.

Thus it was more important to Feinstein to discredit the CIA and George W. Bush, – more important to make the ‘statement’ that America must fight EVIL by ‘civilized gentleman’s rules’,  – than are the lives of Americans and Westerners upon whom al Qaeda will exact their own revenge.

Feinstein's guarantee

Across the Middle East, Africa, South and Southeast Asia,  Americans and Westerners – some in uniform, – some in our diplomatic and intelligence services, – and some just innocent tourists and teachers – will fall into truly demonic and evil hands.

And they are likely to be tortured to death, – or if lucky – simply beheaded.

Feinstein has had her revenge. Next month this 81-year old MoonBat 22 years in the Senate – will be reduced to “ranking member” of the Intelligence Committee – with no power.

Now al Qaeda will have their revenge….

911 Jumper

Call her office at: 202 224-3841   Remind her of why we are at war with Islamic terrorists.


– why is she still helping Obama COVER UP THE BENGHAZI MASSACRE?

Hillary what difference

4 Responses to “Dianne Feinstein’s Evil Revenge”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The 40 million dollar report, written solely by the Democrats, without interviewing any of the CIA chiefs or operatives is the ultimate revenge for this female Benedict Arnold. She would be tried for treason and executed in times when the moonbats did not rule the country. One can only hope that her ultimate judgement will exact what many of us believe to be eternal damnation.

  2. Kojack

    This illustrates the fact that all anti-2nd Amendment traitors like Diane Frankenstein are not interested in safety as they all claim, only in expedient politics and the accumulation of power. To them, the lives of American patriots are expendable if it will further their cause.

  3. Walter Knight

    Feinstein commits treason when she assists the enemy during time of war. She would even prosecute CIA members.

    That’s the problem with liberals. They don’t think America is at war, and they’ve never seen a war they wanted to win.

  4. FLICK

    This is just the beginning of the ‘Scorched Earth’ the losers will leave in their wake.