Diana & Jonathan Toebbe: Bitcoin Spies

Posted October 11th, 2021 by Iron Mike

As a welcome distraction from the endless news of Biden’s Border failures,  – we have the story of husband & wife navy spies – Jonathan and Diana Toebbe of Annapolis, MD,  – who tried to sell secrets of the USS Virginia (a cruise missile attack submarine) to a foreign power – for bitcoins.

Anybody remember John & Barbara Walker, their son Michael, and Jerry Whitworth?

4 Responses to “Diana & Jonathan Toebbe: Bitcoin Spies”

  1. Jim Buba

    And nobody has mentioned Hunter’s financing of a Defense Contractor in MI that makes components for the U.S. Navy

  2. Kojack

    What a.lovely couple. They would look great swinging together on the gallows……

  3. Vic

    Former Army, here – I say that photo brings to mind most of the Navy jokes I’ve ever heard.
    I still say our wars would be shorter and less frequent if we brought back the draft.
    And prompt trial by Courts Martial and execution for traitors, too.

  4. panther6

    And I wonder which country they were peddling our secrets to????

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