Diamond & Silk: Firebrands Under Oath

Posted April 27th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The Ladies were before the House Judiciary Committee to testify about Facebook censoring Conservative content.  The Democrats thought they could make a case that the ladies were paid liars….

At issue is that some Democrat House staffer spent A LOT OF TIME searching the Trump Campaign Reports,  – and found a single line item – $1,274.94 – for “Field Consulting”,  – which as the gals explain to the congress vermin who don’t want to hear it,  – was reimbursement for 2 airline tickets.

First up to attempt verbal battery on Diamond & Silk is Hank Johnson – the retarded former judge from Decatur, GA, – who made news back in March 2010 when he worried that “too many Marines might make Guam tip over…”

Next up was Hakeem Jeffries (closet Muslim from Brooklyn) who introduced into the record the Trump Campaign Finance Report,  and tried to pin those airline tickets on the girls – as “Payment”.


And finally….Sheila Jackson Lee – the 2nd stupidest Congresswoman currently serving – from Houston, Texas,  – who again tried to pin the label of LIAR on the ladies….but just made herself look incapable of understanding a calendar.


If you wonder why such vermin get elected – and continually re-elected,  understand that in most cased their districts are gerrymandered by Democrats at the state level,….AND…

…with nearly total control of the Party and the MEDIA,….their names are likely to be the ONLY NAMES their voters back home hear about – – and ALWAYS in a favorable light.

March 2010 – a Democrat Classic:  “Guam might tip over”:

Admiral Robert Willard kept a straight face!

He retired with 39 years of service two years later.

6 Responses to “Diamond & Silk: Firebrands Under Oath”

  1. Vic

    Mike, Johnson may be on to something. If anyone could tip Guam over, I believe the US Marines could do it!


    BINGO! Line ’em up on the north shore – have ’em start doing pushups, and the beach would start going under!

  2. Sherox

    I am surprised that Diamond and Silk didn’t come with how much money these Congressmen received from Facebook.

  3. Ben

    These people have a hand in running this country? Really unbelievable.
    I hope they listen to themselves. What ignorance.


    Did you mean to type ‘running this country’ – or ‘ruining this country’?

    Now you understand why the Democrat Party is against charter schools, – private schools, and home schooling. They rely on ignorant uninformed voters!

  4. MC

    What a joke that members of Congress referenced the girls to perjury when how many of the so-called DC Swamp elites have lied numerous times and no one is/was charged.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    To characterize Johnson, Jeffries and Jackson-Lee as morons is an insult to morons!

  6. Walter Knight

    Liberals are parasites along for the ride. They contribute nothing.