Deval Patrick’s Drug-Lab Nightmare

Posted August 31st, 2012 by Iron Mike

Mass State Police close State Drug Lab after finding State Chemist really screwed up drug evidence.

May involve
hundreds of
up to 50,000 cases.

Drug dealers may be set free – state may have to compensate them.
Martha Coakley on the warpath – looking for easy scalps!

How come it took over a year?

In May 2008: Governor Deval Patrick renamed the state medical lab for one of America’s first Black doctors – Dr. William A. Hinton – son of a slave and later researcher and teacher at the Harvard Medical School. He invented a quick and inexpensive test for syphilis.

The lab was then a division of the State Public Health Department – Doctor JudyAnn Bigby and Commissioner John Auerbach.

By June 2011 – just three years later according to published reports – the sloppy work and corner cutting of state chemist Annie Dookhan came under suspicion.  She resigned.

You never heard a peep about it!

Did it really take over a year for auditors to figure out how widespread and damaging her actions were?

Then the lab was transferred to Public SafetyMaryBeth Heffernan and Curtis M. Wood, and the State Police.  Curtis isn’t talking; ‘…case under investigation – can’t comment….

Bend over Taxpayers!

You’re about to pay for more Public Defenders to represent jailed drug dealers – first to spring them, – then to file lawsuits [maybe a BIG CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT] to compensate them for FALSE IMPRISONMENT. Drug convictions will have to be wiped clean off databases.

And here comes Martha Coakley – looking for some easy conviction scalps to hang on her belt before her run for Senator [or Governor] in 2014.  Damn, she’s gonna be a busy girl!

What exactly did Chemist Dookhan do wrong?  It may have been mere career ambition – wanting to ‘look like the best in the lab‘ – which made her cut corners, breeze past record-keeping and paperwork, – and worst of all – possibly testify untruthfully under oath in criminal cases. That last part may cost her time in jail herself.  

The FIRST and OVERRIDING DUTY of any government is to protect the People – from foreign and domestic enemies.  Criminals are domestic enemies.  Patrick’s AA/EEO appointees have FAILED in their primary duty.

Deval Patrick has some serious housecleaning to do. I doubt he has the political courage to do it.

His Departments of Public Safety [Heffernan & company] and his Public Health Departments [Bigby, Monahan, Auerbach, et al, et aux] are a sad combination of AA/EEO hires and democratic political hacks.

Duh-val – do you have the balls to clean house?

What about State Police Colonel McGovern – who JUST ‘retired‘ – then filed for ‘disability‘? 

How long did SHE cover up this boondoggle? If people were convicted and imprisoned on sloppy evidence and perjured testimony – why was she silent so long?  Who’s asses was she covering? 

Is this why she’s going to get a $13+K/month tax-free disability retirement?

And YOU Governor – what did YOU know, – and WHEN did you learn about it?  Funny how sh*t left in the dark becomes something you later step in,…isn’t it?

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

UPDATE:  Wed 5 Sept 2012 – with Duh-val making speeches at the DNC in Charlotte, the Herald reports Dookhan man have handled up to 50,000 cases…  Ya’ think the crime lab was understaffed?

UPDATEMon 10 Sept 2012 (AP) – Gov. Deval Patrick said Monday there would be criminal and civil consequences for what he called an apparent “breakdown in oversight” at a now-closed state police crime lab. OK Duh-val – show us how tough you are….

UPDATE: Mon 17 Sept 2012  Public Health Commishioner John Auerbachresigns‘ over the drug-lab scandal. Hey Deval, we want Heffernan and Bigby too!

UPDATE: Tues 25 Sep it gets Deeper and DeeperUMass Boston confirms Dookhan graduated with a BS in BioChem in 2001, but can find no record of a Master’s – which she claimed on her application, and swore to in court cases.  Convicts already being released…

UPDATE:  Fri 28 Sep 2012 – Annie Dookhan arrested in her Franklin, MA home

This is going to be a ‘show trial‘ – because unless the state can PROVE criminal intent – there is no crime in being incompetent.  If incompetence was a crime, we’d arrest most Democrat politicians, and a goodly handful of RiNOs too!

UPDATE:  Fri 19 Oct 2012 – THE ‘STUFF‘ GETS DEEPER!  Globe reports that Ms. Dookhan has a fondness for Norfolk Nounty cases – and had a ‘unusually close’ relationship with AsstDA George Papachristos.  ‘Very personal emails – all hours of the day and night.’  George just resigned….


UPDATE: Tuesday, 20 August 2013  Herald reports up to 40,323 defendants may be effected, state has already released over 300 inmates, dropped 1,100 cases

 UPDATE:  Friday, 22 Nov 2013Suffolk Judge Carol Ball gives Dookhan 3 – 5 years, – i.e. a wrist slap.
Dookhan gets 3 - 5 years



UPDATE:  Monday, 18 May 2015   Mass Supreme Judicial Court [our state supreme court] rules that defendants who ask for new trials based on Dookhan’s tainted evidence – CANNOT be given a harsher sentence.  The good news?  They declined to vacate all the convictions…. Whew!

UPDATE: Tuesday, 12 April 2016…..Somehow Annie Dookhan has already been paroled….?   She got 3 to 5 in Nov 2013….. You do the math….

UPDATE:  Tuesday,  18 April 2017    FALLOUT!

4 Responses to “Deval Patrick’s Drug-Lab Nightmare”

  1. Tom

    The defense lawyer community must be tripping over themselves to file appeals with damages for all the drug dealers and users that were convicted with evidence from this lab. The question is who was responsible for the coverup? Will we ever know?

  2. Chris

    well, guess we should just legalize drugs and have the state collect tax revenues. the whole legal system needs to be shut down and overhauled.

    Which drugs would you want to see legalized Chris?

  3. James Folk

    “My job is to take drug dealers off the streets” Annie Dookhan to Norfolk County ADAs

    “Tell the defendant he is getting an extra 5 years for pissing off the chemist” Annie Dookhan to Norfolk County ADAs

    Dookhan was working with the ADAs office. Deb Shaw of Norfolk called her part of her “Dream Team” and told her she had vendetta’s against the people she was taking to trail.
    We have wasted 30 million investigating a case that was rigged from the start. The ADAs just don’t want to admit the truth, they were all involved and should be tried as criminals. They knew what she was doing, they knew she was helping them and wanted to help them.


    Nice comment, BUT – you’re 3 years late to the party…?