Deval Patrick’s Bimbo Judge Strikes Again!

Posted April 28th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Mary Beth Heffernan was an abysmal failure as Deval’s AA/EEO ExecSec of Public Safety.   After 50+ people had died,  he had to fire her.  So in consolation, – he made her a JUDGE!

Now she’s let an already-deported illegal immigrant and known gang-banger free on a RAPE CHARGE – for just $2,500 cash bail – despite the prosecutor asking for high bail.  She ignored him.


34-year old Luis Baez first came here from the Dominican Republic as a child.  But he grew up in the gangs – became a member of the violent drug-dealing Mozart Street Gang.

Was deported seven years ago after a conviction.

Returned (Obama was winking…) and eventually got a job as an Uber driver using a fake name Pedro Valentin….

…and last September he picked up a fare – a young lady who was too drunk to drive – who wanted a ride back to Boston College….

He raped her – 3 times – despite her being so drunk she was vomiting.  Then he dumped her back on campus.

Given the recent history of the Mozart Street Gang, – and Baez’s history of violent crimes and ignoring the law,  the Middlesex County prosecutor wanted $100K bail.

Mary Beth wasn’t listening.   Ignoring any issues of turning a rapist loose,  her only apparent concern was could he make bail – right now,  – and avoid spending another night in jail?

POOF!   Bail paid and he’s in the wind!

At RRB we are no longer amazed at the many ways Deval Patrick has stuck it to the honest taxpaying citizens of this state.

We are amazed that Mary Beth – long known to us as a walking drunk,  – managed to stay awake and upright long enough to utter her decision.

We’re pretty sure that “Judge Heffernan” had no clue about the Mozart Street Gang – or their recent mass round-up by a law enforcement task force. Why would she,…in all the time we’ve watched her public performances,…she’s never had a clue about anything!

She is a defense attorney’s DREAM JUDGE!

But if you are a rape victim, – she will make sure you are promptly raped again – right there in front of her bench.

You just gotta know that Deval Patrick is giggling this morning!

If you expect JUSTICE in a Massachusetts courtroom,   – you should walk in knowing the scales are already tipped to favor criminals!

Or,…maybe some of you dumb-ass Democrats could wake up long enough to find out what the GOVERNOR’S COUNCIL is,  – what they do,…and elect some conservative Republicans to it next time.

As it is,  our whole state judicial system is a greased skid to let criminals slide.

4 Responses to “Deval Patrick’s Bimbo Judge Strikes Again!”

  1. Kojack

    In spite of The Heffer, Annie Dookan and other corrupt, incompetent politcal hacks the very “forgiving” MASSHOLES would re-elect De-Value Patrick if they had the opportunity. This state like CA, NY and others is lost. The

  2. Leonard Mead

    Obviously, the rapes occurred in NEWTON — a sanctuary city.

    So NO bail should have been required.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative
    NON Sanctuary City Apollo Beach, FL

  3. Walter Knight

    M-13 gangster scum are murdering Americans across the country, the latest on Long Island. What’s the Left’s reaction? The Left gets angrier every time President Trump is proved correct about illegal alien crime.

  4. Claire Bonnafe

    Most of the everyday moonbats liberals don’t even know who the MS13 gang is and how violent they are. My liberal Trump hating CBS, CNN news watching sister for one.