Deval Patrick Totally Blows

Posted February 27th, 2013 by Iron Mike

his $1.9 BILLION Transportation ‘Plan’!
Concord Rotary
Plans Million$ on rail-trail [bike path] improvementsNOTHING for the WORST ROTARY in the Commonwealth…?   

Frankly, the Concord Rotary is a major environmental issue!  The pollution from the backed-up commuters – morning and night – would kill a herd of buffalo. 

But somehow Governor Feel-Good thinks bike paths [used on weekends] are more critical than major commuter routes?

When the Concord Rotary was designed and built – vic 1935-37 under FDRs WPA, it was a JOKE – – because only 30% of the traffic then was automobiles.  The rest was horse-drawn!

For the last 20+ years though, that damned rotary blocks the morning and evening commute for tens of thousands of citizens in the western suburbs.

So ask yourself, – what kind of engineering advice did the Gov’nor get?   WHO thinks it’s worth borrowing more BILLION$ to fix bike trails – in this Obama Economy?

HOW MUCH DID WE PAY – for this consulting work, and Patrick’s spiffy new website?  Anybody smell insider old-boy deals?

Did Duh-val even talk to JamieBoy or Mikey?  We know that neither Duh-val or Mikey have to drive through that rotary twice a day….  Frankly, they’re rather appease the enviro-nut cases than fix a REAL problem. Remember this when they’re trying to ‘run on their record’ next year!

JamieBoy doesn’t face that commute either.  He goes in after rush hour, – after his mother fixes him a nice breakfast.

Thought Question:  If the Concord Rotary produces tons of environmental polution per year – and the politicians know it,…why won’t they fix it?

Fitchburg LineCOULD IT BE…that they have a major political, financial, and emotional investment in the bankrupt-and-failing unionized state-owned MBTA?

COULD IT BE…that they hope you’ll give up in despair,…start riding the Fitchburg Line, where you can spend an hour each way staring at the state-approved political posters, and have your computer use monitored on their ‘convenient’ Wi-Fi cars?

Gawd FORBID that you have the freedom to move about on your own, – stop at a store, – make a private phone call, – even stop into a gun range….

Fitchburg Line
Are you beginning to smell the Agenda 21?

And you know Massachusetts is ALREADY $100 BILLION in DEBT?


4 Responses to “Deval Patrick Totally Blows”

  1. Tom

    You are too kind, he sucks big time as does his idol Obummer!

  2. Casey Chapman

    Our part time “governor” doesn’t even drive his own car, I’d be willing to bet. Why should he care? Personally, I’d like to see the elimination of all rotaries in our state. This isn’t Europe, after all.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Agenda 21 IS his playbook, as it is the occupooper in chief’s.

  4. Kim

    Agreed on the Concord rotary! The bike lanes in metrowest towns are ridiculous. It’s bad enough people are getting hit by cars and trucks left and right in the city. Other than those out on the weekends biking for pleasure or sport, who do they think is going to use those bike lanes? I guess the plan is to first get that gas tax passed so that those teetering on the brink can’t afford to drive anymore, then they’ll be forced to ride their bikes or use the MBTA….