Deval Patrick Plays Musical Tokens

Posted January 22nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Experience not required, just external credentials!
Musical Tokens

This may be as hard to follow as it is to believe:

MaryBeth Heffernan spends six years saying I don’t know”.  Every division under her Executive Office of Public Safety turns to shit.  Faced with Million$$$ of potential lawsuits – Duh-val fires her…

To fill her seat he nominates Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral – a woman so fat she cannot waddle through her own jail. 

To replace Andrea – Duh-val names her communications director – long-time hack Steve Tompkins.  Steve recently helped out on Senator Squaw’s campaign.

Steve has a degree in communications, – and a Master’s in Public Affairs, – but ZERO LAW ENFORCEMENT EXPERIENCE

 He can hold a campaign sign…sometimes…

New Suffolk Sheriff

BenchOh,…and poor bumbling inept MaryBeth?

Duh-val has nominated her to be a JUDGE!

So her reward for being a high-profile and total failure – is a second state pension! 

And you DARE wonder why the Gov wants to raise your taxes?  He’s got paychecks to write!

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  1. Joe Ureneck

    The PUBLIC nomination hearing before the Massachusetts Governor’s Council for Heffernan to be a district court judge is this Wed., January 30, 1PM, at the State House office of Governor Patrick.

    Among her notable public stands Heffernan opposed implementing the anti-illegal alien ‘Secure Communities’ program in Massachusetts and has promoted sexist and discriminatory so-called ‘domestic violence’ laws against men while head of the Department of Public Safety.

    The public is encouraged to attend and testify.