Deval Patrick Plays His Race Card

Posted June 6th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Governor Deval Patrick refuses to protect you from criminal aliens.

He says it would be ‘racist‘ to do so.

So he’ll ignore them and let them live amongst you

– to prey upon you

– while you pay for their housing, food stamps, medical care, and educate their offspring.

Bottom line: your Guv’nr is a world-socialist, – a guy who doesn’t believe there should be borders or nations.  He’s using his elected position to advance his personal beliefs.

Now we know the fingerprint cards Homeland Security / ICE will get have no information other than a control number on them.

Nothing about age, sex, race, national origin, – no names – no photos – just fingerprints. Hardly ‘racist’.

But ‘racism‘ is the excuse to look the other way.

Per his ‘Public Safety’ toady – Mary Beth Heffernan: “The Governor and I are dubious of the Commonwealth taking on the federal role of immigration enforcement.

“We are even more skeptical of the potential impact that Secure Communities could have on the residents of the Commonwealth. Through the community meetings we have held around the Commonwealth, residents have expressed concerns about racial profiling as a result of the program.

NOTE: Toady Heffernan seems to place more value on the opinions of ‘residents‘ than she does on ‘Citizens’.

But then if you don’t really believe in NATIONS – then something like our citizenship and our Constitutional Rights as citizens – are of no consequence.

So there you have it Americans;  as citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and of the USA – your one-world governor had just gone back on his pre-election promise, and revealed his true feelings. He is a racist. He will ignore the average [white] citizen voter as he backs the average [Hispanic] illegal alien.

I suppose if you’re a very liberal Democrat right now – you’re delighted.

But even if you are – you still better buy a gun, – and know how to use it. Because the illegals – like MS-13, – know they now have little to fear when they prey upon you.

Good luck reclaiming your country!   With 160,000 [2010 Census] illegals already here in Massachusetts,  do you think more will be arriving soon since the border states are getting tougher on them?

  /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

5 Responses to “Deval Patrick Plays His Race Card”

  1. Mark Cain

    Very interesting how this schmuck who kisses Obama’s ass would refuse to sign his pal’s order to participate in this program. Just think what the out come would have been if Cahill didn’t run and Charlie Baker was in charge. Hope this blows up in the SOB’s face!


  2. Perplexed Senior

    Thanks to Deval, Massachusetts has become a defacto “Sanctuary State.” Where do you think all of the illegals will be heading now that Patrick has decided to protect them and not us? More illegal crime, more taxpayer funded services and more MS13 mayhem. The people of Massachusetts have lost again. The criminals, illegals, special advocacy groups, socilaists and some unions have won.

  3. Wally

    Can the Legislature force this through into Mass law? If so, where are our Republican State Reps and Senators? I would love to see our guys have this as an issue against the Dems next year.

  4. mike grammont

    Deval Patrick should be held responsible for the crimes and taxpayer burdens of illegal immigrants. If I had the power I’d throw his ass in jail.

  5. whathehell

    My state government has left my family vulnerable to violent illegal aliens who shouldn’t legally be here. Way to go Duval, looks like I’ll be getting a gun.