Deval Patrick, – Just SHUT UP!

Posted August 21st, 2014 by Iron Mike

Our wannabe president – Governor Patrick – just cannot keep his mouth shut!Deval Patrick plays his Race Card
First he injects himself into a private business matter – the future of the Market Basket food chain…

Then he plays the RACE CARD with the ease and skill of a Jesse Jackson or an Al Sharpton, – or an Eric Holder.

Why?   What’s in it for him?

Ferguson is 1,200 miles and 7 states away from his corner office. Any sensible governor – of any state – would keep his/her mouth shut, and go home and pray that his/her own state remains calm, – that the Black rage doesn’t erupt here.

After all, Massachusetts has been relatively calm since the days of the Gerrity Busing Order. It’s been 40 years since the Boston PD was out in riot gear escorting school buses. Back then, Governors Volpe, Sargent, and Dukakis had their hands full of racial problems.

1974 Boston School Bussing

Deval, you’ve had it easy, – a really smooth 8 years in office.  Why stir up trouble?

Maybe because you and Obama BOTH abandoned Blacks once you were in office?

Appointing a dozen token [and now we know – truly under-qualified] Blacks to executive posts in your government was window dressing.

It did nothing to get more poor Blacks into the work force. In fact, today there are far FEWER Blacks working here than when you took office in 2007. You FAILED – big time!

Black unemployment 2014
So yesterday you stuck your big foot into your big mouth – and stirred up the race card about “…unarmed Black men being shot by police”. Is that really a common problem here in Massachusetts?

How about those 338 unsolved murders in the City of Boston? How many of those were “shot by police”?  Who is doing THOSE murders?

Why aren’t witnesses coming forward Deval?

Have you heard of the “No Snitching!” terror campaign being waged by Black gangs in Boston – and our other crime-infested, drug-plagued, unemployment-stricken inner-city cesspools?

What have YOU done to end the “No Snitching!” culture? You are our first Black governor. You said “Together we can!” Remember? Together!

So why be divisive now?Poverty Pimps Inc

Unless,…you’re going into the Poverty Pimp Business when you leave office?

Have you figured out there’s easy money in that?

You’ve had a full 8 years to turn the Massachusetts economy around – to bring manufacturing jobs back to our state….

But for all those years you drove more jobs AWAY! Every tax bill you signed closed another factory, shuttered another shop, – and drove business across the border to New Hampshire.

That idiotic “gun safety bill” you just signed will likely cause our three remaining gun manufacturers to move out, – but won’t remove a single gun from the hands of the inner-city gang-bangers, – who don’t read the news and don’t care about laws anyway.

Hey Deval, – in 8 years, have you gotten just one (1) Black kid to pull up his pants?

looting Ferguson Market

Call Deval – tell him to stick to our business – and stop race-baiting!

Boston 617 725-4005      Springfield 413 784-1200

Folks, throughout recorded history – any exploited or abused minority group of people – any race – any religion, – have always been dealt with the worst and been betrayed most bitterly – by elitist members of their own minority.

4 Responses to “Deval Patrick, – Just SHUT UP!”

  1. Hawk1776

    I guess that, by omission, he’s OK with blacks killing blacks. I haven’t heard him make any statement on the drug wars in Chicago.

    I wonder what Deval would do if he faced an angry mob without having his state police escort.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Deval’s wife is in the firm that represents Arther S. and his minions. Can you say “conflict of interest”? Sure you can. I knew you could.

  3. joe

    the people of taxachusetts voted this jerk in live with it.

  4. leroy washington

    watchoo be sayin white boy ??? My main nigga Spanky da bes gubna evah we have. Da Brudda even help me get a Obama phone !
    Nebbamined how he helped Auntie Zetuni and Uncle Ony get free housin and evathing.
    From IP: Truro, MA [out on Cape Cod]