Deval Patrick: Heffernan-In-Your-Face

Posted January 7th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Sober TodayNo respect for us – or the Law, – our arrogant agenda-driven ?ber-liberal governor nominates his failed state hack to become a judge.

MaryBeth Heffernan is the DISGRACED ‘Executive Secretary of Public Safety’ – a woman of perpetual poor judgment who proved many times she was too ill-informed to answer simple questions from citizens.

1. She was a waste of time, motion, and money in Springfield when the tornado hit.
Springfield Tornado

2. The Drug Lab Scandal:

True enough – the state crime lab drug testing nightmare began under another failed Patrick EEO/AA hire – the overly-round Doctor JudyAnn Bigby.  Her failures in supervising both the crime lab and the New England Compounding Lab are enormous.  Thousands of drug convictions will have to be vacated, and the NECC problems have caused over 30 deaths nationwide…
Hinton Drug Lab Scandal

BUT,…when Heffernan’s office took over the drug testing lab, she kept the Annie Dookhan scandal SECRET from the public – and from the Legislature – for MONTHS!  We ~ think ~ they were looking for a way to sweep it all under the rug.

What else could explain such poor judgment – including keeping people in prison who’d been convicted on tainted evidence?
Colonel McGovern

The secret was kept long enough for MaryBeth’s gal pal – State Police Colonel Marian McGovern to ‘retire’ – and then put in for disability

These babes really know how to work the system!

3. The Sheila Burgess Debacle:

Back in 2007 Congressman Jim McGovern had a staffer he wanted to dump. Deval had MaryBeth hire her as – Highway Safety Director.  [No experience required?]
Sheila Burgess

Suddenly we learn Sheila has a lengthy record of bad driving, 34 infractions!?! – including speeding, failure to stop for an officer, 6 accidents, and failure to appear…, driving w/out license or registration,…  Even Duh-val said she should not have been hired.  Seems MaryBeth failed to do a BACKGROUND CHECK! 

4. The Adjutant General Thing:

Heffernan w CarterOh, of course Deval Patrick had named a black officer as his Adjutant General – commander of the Mass Army and Air Guard. 

And,…in time it was learned,…this nomination too was flawed.  General Joseph Carter had a lingering charge of rape of a subordinate, from when he was a Lieutenant.

Yes, these ancient charges can be sticky, hard to defend against, and sometimes very unfair…but again MaryBeth chose to keep the thing quiet…  Carter solved the problem when the Active Army decided to investigate – which they ~ probably wouldn’t have ~ if he was worth anything as a General.

5. The Unexplained Prison Warden Firing:

Back in June RRB reported on the sudden ‘retirement’ of Warden Anthony Mendonsa from his new post at the huge Souza-Baranowski Prison in Shirley – ‘pending investigation’.Heffernan & McCroom 

Yet another of MaryBeth’s assistants – a Patrick appointee [also large, round, and black like Bigby] – Sandra McCroom – UnderSect of Criminal Justice – was unable or unwilling to tell us what sins Mendonsa had committed on the job. 

McCroom has ZERO background in Criminal Justice [running prisons] – she was in the Peace Corps and ran a youth group in Roxbury. 

But the very next week, there was a horrific riot and brawl at the prison – and a guard was stabbed in the neck.  We the public are STILL uninformed.


Doesn't Understand the QuestionAt RRB we can’t prove that Heffernan has a drinking problem – or some other ‘medical issue’. 

We can only report what we’ve seen with our own eyes – that every time we’ve seen her at a public event like the Secure Communities hearings, – she looks badly hung over, – seems unsteady, seems to struggle to stay awake, and seems unable [or unwilling] to give voters straight answers.

Often she doesn’t even seem to understand the questions.

We can reliably report that she has surrounded herself with unqualified hacks – who all make whopping state salaries.


Hung OverHer judgment is clearly flawed, and may be impaired. 

She would make a TERRIBLE judge – even IF she could even stay awake or sober long enough to sit on the bench through a day of trial.

If this is the respect Patrick has for us voters – then he really despises us!

UPDATE:  Tuesday, 18 April 2017   FALLOUT!

3 Responses to “Deval Patrick: Heffernan-In-Your-Face”

  1. Revolver

    He is a lame duck, devolve only cares about his personal profiteering, he is not accountable to anyone so he will continue to make ethically challenging moves. Disgusting

  2. Sam Adams

    This is what Democrats are, folks.
    This is what Democrats do.
    This is how Democrats operate.
    What we need in this state is a Republican Party smart enough to know this and with marbles big enough to make themselves the Opposition to Democrats, not the Friends to Democrats.
    That’ll be like looking for Waldo.
    I hear the dopes in Boston are looking to push their village idiot, gay-pride parader Charlie Baker, for Governor again.
    What, can’t get I-vote-with-Democrats-46%-of-the-time Mr. “independent” pro-choice Brown?
    Just shut off the lights and don’t forget to lock the door on your way out.

  3. Chris Lawrence

    I have seen judge Heffernan in Newton District hearing motions and trials. She is no jurist! She is bigoted, small minded and biased towards the party she likes better. MaryBeth Heffernan is a disgrace to the MA Court system.