Deval Patrick’s Unfeeling Liberalism

Posted January 6th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Every election cycle – without fail – aspiring politicians seek out Law Enforcement, promise that they “support the police”, pose for pictures, and brag about the number of departments endorsing them.

But ‘supporting law enforcement’ means different things to different groups.

Cops think it means higher pay.  Police chiefs often think it means earmarks for new equipment.  Civilians think it means tougher laws and the death penalty.  Gun control freaks think it means outlawing guns. Prosecutors think it will mean better crime labs and hiring more assistant prosecutors.  Prisoner advocates think it means hiring more public defenders and more social workers.

While posing for photo-ops, nobody thinks about the kinds of judges to be appointed, the staffing of prisons, or limp-wristed liberal political appointees to parole boards and probation departments.

Űber-liberals like Dukakis [Willie Horton] or Duh-val [Cinelli], come to the party with a built-in bias against law enforcement based on a presumption that ‘society has failed’ various groups because they grew up ‘lacking essential government services’ – clearly because those mean Republicans were stingy with budgets.

Duh-val is under fire today because he appointed his campaign driver / Milton neighbor Mark Conrad to be head of the parole board that released Dominic Cinelli – who was serving three (3) life sentences including one for shooting a security guard during a 1984 robbery – a robbery committed while Dominic was an escaped prisoner

Dominic shot and killed Woburn Police Officer Jack Maguire in a running gunbattle the night of the Dec 26th blizzard.

The Governor attended Maguire’s funeral, but then made some typically liberal [insensitive] remarks about the public “not rushing to judgment” about his parole board.  Right Gov!

If you let the animals out of a zoo, you can assume the carnivores will roam your neighborhoods and attack pets and small children, and eat them.

If you let 2-legged animals out of prison, you can assume they too will come and roam your neighborhoods, and attack in the familiar pattern as driven by their DNA.

Had Cinelli survived the shootout, do you think ANY elected liberal would now be for the death penalty?  Even the worst of our criminals here know they are unlikely to die behind bars.  They know a secret; ‘never underestimate the smugness of a liberal in a position of power’.

The DNA of career criminals is almost a perfect compliment for the DNA of lifetime liberals.

NOBODY should serve on a parole board who has not been the victim of a violent crime.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Deval Patrick’s Unfeeling Liberalism”

  1. Jim

    Geez, those are really Mass. police uniforms? I thought it was a goof at first and someone photoshopped Deval’s picture in front of some Nazi U-Boat commanders.

  2. Bob Stone

    Jim check you mouth before you open it to talk. The men behind him are the one’s that keep you safe at night. Just because they stand behind him dose not mean they support him. To use Nazi U-Boat Commanders is sick. These men have and wear that uniform with pride after 21 weeks of blood, sweet, and tears. So think of all those who gave there lives so you can open that hole to say what ever you want.

    Also check you U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy unifoms as they are one in the same.