Deval’s Goons Crumble Before Citizen Anger

Posted April 16th, 2011 by Iron Mike

I witnessed a classic clash this afternoon between the rule of law and the rule of power.  Through four meeting the Governor’s staffers goons in suits – have been empirical, condescending, arrogant, and demeaning.  In Framingham they actually told us we couldn’t take pictures in a public meeting.

In Waltham this afternoon with almost every utterance and command they talked down to the citizens, while remaining deferential to the illegal immigrant community and their activist spokespeople.

As things started to come apart this afternoon – the staffers began to lose their nerve and go into retreat mode.  They suddenly cut the meeting short.

The day belongs to the Marlborough and Northborough TEA Parties.  Take a bow John O’Mara and Ralph Belmore.  Take a bow Committee on Correspondence.  Take a bow too Barbara Klain of the Greater Lowell Tea Party.

Start Time - no reinforcements

In just a month these leaders refined and sharpened their approach,  schooled their members, and arrived early and ready to make clear, concise, and unambiguous arguments why the SCP should be implemented, – why Governor Patrick should stop foot-dragging, – and to soundly refute the false argument that SCP is somehow racist or that a fingerprint card is profiling.

Bianca Hoffman calls up reinforcements

Citizens who never ever in their lives stood up to rebuke a public official have now done so – and with righteous anger.  Their metamorphosis has been heartwarming to behold. 

But it must be frightening to Deval Patrick’s pro-illegal staffers.  Once again we saw a staffer hurriedly call for reinforcements.  Those reinforcements arrived to stuff the back of the room after the meeting started.

Again we watched Curt Wood labor through his PowerPoint presentation – woodenly.  This man’s heart is not in his job. 

Again when the submitted questions had been segregated – and only the most bland ones answered – there was a scramble for the only microphone to be open for “testimony”.  Moderator Nurys Camargo [Patrick policy wonk] made it clear she didn’t want any more ‘questions’.

Stuffed With Reinforcements

The predictable MoonBats made the predictable statements about profiling, racism, and God’s desires that we all love each other.  I have no idea how that relates to deporting a violent felon, and their ‘testimony’ did nothing to help.

The lady from the Socialist Workers Party was probably the most honest – as she made a plea for legalization.  But she too failed to address violent criminals. 

Do MoonBats and Socialists really mean that we are somehow better off ignoring the worst criminals among us?

About 20 people were allowed to make statements – some brief and on target, some rambling and far afield.  I patiently waited for the promised second session.  In vain.

Suddenly Moderator Camargo announced that this would end the questioning session.  It was only 3:15 – we had a full 45 minutes to go.  I rose to point that out – and was told the decision was made that there will only be two (2) more public hearings – not six. 

    They’ll be Chelsea High School 6-8 pm  on the 28th
       and in Brockton on May 14th at Massasoit Community College 12 – 2 pm.

Despite our protests – the meeting was OVER!  Whatever Governor Patrick had intended to accomplish with his series of ten (10) smoke screen meetings – these staffers already knew it isn’t working.  The countryside is awakened, the citizenry aroused! 

RRB congratulates all who have been part of this pushback! 

It IS our government damn-it!  And if we arise united, we can have our say, and hold these self-important strutting socialist bureaucrats accountable.  They need to SEE and HEAR us – and loudly.

I did note that Secretary [airhead] Mary Beth Heffernan chose not to attend.  Maybe 2 weeks wasn’t enough time for her to research answers.  Curt Wood still totally blew 2 answers and again Richard Chacon issued false information.

No legislators rose to speak today.  State Senator Susan Fargo was in attendance – still on crutches from her ‘fall’ in the Gardner Auditorium.  Perhaps she didn’t want the voters to hear her speak while ‘under medication’. 

Already mentally challenged,  Susan feels it is important to name Rex Trailer as our State Cowboy.  She will be looking for a 100% disability award pretty soon. She knows the system.

Camargo’s condescending remark that she ‘felt like she was babysitting us’ – is most revealing of the distain and disregard they hold our citizenry in.  She thinks it’s her job to rule and control us.

I think it’s her job to serve us.  Today I was totally disserved.

Tonight they should feel ashamed.  I told them as much.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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Keeping us out before the meeting

4 Responses to “Deval’s Goons Crumble Before Citizen Anger”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Barbara Klain leads the Greater Lowell Tea Party, but I am sure that she would be very honored to be associated with the Northborough group. It was very obvious that the hacks had been beaten ( their body language gave them away), not with rhetoric and fearmongering, but their real enemy -FACTS- all stated eloquently. You failed to mention the two goons (aka security) that were patroling the floor, just looking for trouble, but I am sure they left very dissapointed, but probaly well paid with taxpayers money.

    Will there be a new Patrick/Heffernan game plan in Chelsea and Brockton or will they just continue to follow the words of “Marsha,” “it’s not illegal to be illegal”?

    TY Tom, I corrected Barbara’s TEA Party identity. I was very tired last night.

  2. Wayne S Hancock

    Excellent job by all who came (on our side anyway),I will be calling Mrs Heffers office on Tuesday am and making a complaint about the meeting and I urge everyone else to do so.Once again Iron Mike you are right on the money when it comes to your report on this sham of a meeting and the influx of gimmie girls and guys in the room.I have posted my pictures at the Clinton Tea Party Facebook site.I am looking forward to our next meeting and hearing from the other members as well.Thank you Mike.Wayne.

  3. Rick Cappucci

    I wonder what happened to the rest of the scheduled meetings? Do you think they are getting a little annoyed that we are showing up? We had pretty even numbers in Waltham on Saturday. It is shamefull that these advocate groups keep repeating the same lies to these people and lead them to believe any contact with law enforcement will lead to their deportation. While I believe that illegals should be deported, that is not enforced in this state nor will it be under the Secure Communities Act. Deval Patrick should be ashamed and recalled for refusing to enforce the law. Just like his pal Obama who has also refused to enforce the laws which he has sworn to uphold.

  4. whathehell

    I’d like to ask Mr. Wood.. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.