Detroit Is Totally Doomed!

Posted July 12th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Once America’s most powerful industrial city – Detroit lost over ¼ of it’s population since 2000.Detroit City Council 

Is the problem ‘race‘,
– or ‘culture‘?

This [cringe-worthy] video explains one big part of the problem. Remember these are elected officials [yes, Democrats]:

Obama in DetroitAnd you wonder…

… where is Mister Obama in solving this problem – which is flushing human lives down the toilet – and into prisons – every day…?

Last Republican MayorLouis Miriani – left office 51 years ago…


4 Responses to “Detroit Is Totally Doomed!”

  1. Tom

    This is a view into the future and it is very frIghtening.

  2. Casey Chapman

    What is happening to Detroit, could happen to Chicago and NYC. Especially if Bloomberg has his way. Obama is pleased with Detroit.

  3. Jim

    Looks more functional than Congress.

  4. Hawk1776

    The State of Michigan took over running Detroit in March. Although the video shows how dysfunctional the City Council is, they have little or no say in how Detroit is run. Detroit’s mayors have been Democratic for over forty years and they ran the city into the ground. Dave Bing, the current mayor, is a businessman in addition to being a former NBA star, and appears competent, but the damage was done long before he took office. Unfortunately Detroit will just be the first domino to fall.