Detroit: Dying? Or Already Dead?

Posted March 4th, 2013 by Iron Mike

You cannot look at Detroit without seeing the darkest side of racial politics.

50 YearsMurder Capitol USA
is $14 Billion in Debt, 

with a $100 Million
budget shortfall.

Industry has departed, unemployment is 29.3% [actually 47.7% when you count those who’ve stopped looking], and of course tax collections are down.  After decades of failing union-run schools – only 59% have a high school diploma.

What went so wrong…

B-24s….in the city that built most of our military vehicles and half of our B-24 bombers in WWII?  Detroit was once our 3rd largest and 3rd richest city!

It’s a stark lesson in unintended consequences!

The problem started when Ford and GM found themselves with a major labor shortage trying to meet WWII production needs.  Blacks were recruited from the South – and placed on the production lines – albeit with some severe racial blowback from unions and whites.  The blacks joined the unions….and slowly brought their families north to join them.

Post-WWII was a boom period for Detroit.  Everybody wanted a new car.  The UAW became more powerful with each contract.  Suddenly the suburbs were affordable, and within driving distance.  Whites left in droves. 

The last Republican mayor of Detroit left office in January 1962 – defeated by the ‘African-American’  voters who’d seen Democrat Jerry Cavanagh marching with Martin Luther King Jr.
Murder Capitol

50 years of Democratic racial politics later – Detroit is within days of being taken into receivership by the State of Michigan. 

411 murdersThe population has dwindled to just 706,585 people – down from a high of 1,85 million in 1950.

This shrinking city lost 411 to homicide in 2012.  Mayor David Bing – a former Detroit Piston star said “We’ve lost respect for life”.

Today the city is 83% Black, 7% Hispanic, with a median household income of  $27,862.  High school graduation rose last year to  64.7%  – up from 59.7%.

Replacement link for census data:

There are other cities in the USA that are in trouble – Flint, Michigan is #2 [per Forbes] followed by Warren, Chicago, and Stockton, California.

Today there are voices calling on Mitt Romney to come save Detroit – as he once did with the Winter Olympics.  I think he’d be a fool to try.



Are your local city and state leaders playing racial politics?

Are your national leaders playing racial politics?

Obama in DetroitWhat has Obama done for Detroit – other than give them false hope?

Where will it lead? 

 UPDATE: Monday 11 March – Former Detroit Mayor [2002-08] Kwame Kilpatrick [already served 14 months for obstruction] convicted of 24 counts of bribe-taking, corruption, racketeering, etc.

4 Responses to “Detroit: Dying? Or Already Dead?”

  1. Tom

    Motown is just the tip of the iceberg. The cities, among others, will meet the same fate and the taxpayer will foot the bill either at the state or federal level. Following the cities, will be the states, led by California and most likely, Michigan and Illinois. Maybe they will be bailed out by the federal government since they can’t print their own money, the Feds can and of course they can borrow from the Chicoms. This is a spiral death cycle that will increase inflation and further lower our falling credit rating.

  2. Casey Chapman

    This is what decades of Progressive Government will do for you . As goes Detroit, with its murder rate, and abandoned neighborhoods being raised by the government, so will the rest of the country if Obummer and his minions have their way. First step in the marxist Agenda 21 is to dis-arm the citizens.

  3. Walter Knight

    You are right that racial politics are at play, but that has always been the case. But, what aggrivated the problem?

    Forced bussing of school children in the 60’s to achieve racial integration and to upgrade the quality of education for all, achieved just the opposite result, causing ‘white flight’ from the inner core of most of our major cities. Not allowing children to go to neighborhood schools upset the normal urban balance, uprooted housing patterns, and caused the mess you have in Detroit and our other great cities.

    It’s tabooo for politicians to address the racial divide in America, and Democrats have a vested interest in making things worse. The answer is for Republicans to reach out to minorities with an economic plan to help all Americans. But, that message is being drowned out racial politics of the Left, and promises of free stuff.

    People think the Democrats care, but they don’t. It’s all about getting power, and keeping it.

  4. Kojack

    The massholes who keep re-electing the demoRATs in this hopeless state despite many of them being embroiled in all kinds of scandals ranging from murder to tax evasion make it a microcosm of what is happening in many parts of the country. Using Obysmal’s re-election, continued support and popular approval ratings as a barometer, I believe the U.S. is swiftly following the trail blazed by Detroit toward a destination from which no return is possible.