Desperate NY Times Sells Out The Truth

Posted October 3rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

In 1851 the Times was founded by Whigs,  – who also helped found the Republican Party – to end slavery.
What a difference 165 years can make!
Today,  losing circulation and advertisers,  – owned by American oligarchs the Ochs-Sulzberger family and Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim,  – the paper has abandoned any pretense at publishing the truth.
They’ll even openly break the law to publish speculations….


In June 1971 America under Nixon was trying to turn the fighting in Vietnam over to the struggling South Vietnamese government and their infant army.

Here at home the war was widely unpopular, based on the false reporting of events in 1968 by Walter Cronkite, – and by the gruesome revelation of American troops committing a massacre of civilians at My Lai (pronounced ‘Me Lie’).


Lieutenant Calley – America’s stupidest lieutenant ever,  – had been convicted of murder in ’71,  – but Nixon had stayed his sentence to Leavenworth,  – ordering him confined to quarters at Fort Benning.

In May 1970, a poorly trained and ineptly led unit of the Ohio National Guard (mostly draft-dodgers) had been spooked into opening fire on a campus protest – and killed 4 students at Kent State.

In May ’71 there was a massive anti-war rally in Washington – the “Days of Rage” – which was so big Marine and 82nd Airborne units were sent in to be ready. I was there.


(A pre-dawn raid by DC Police captured dozens of weapons – and likely prevented a massive bloodbath.)

Now in June ’71,  with the nation seething in discontent,  the Times sold out American Troops and the South Vietnamese by publishing the stolen Pentagon Papers.

Daniel Ellsberg had stolen the papers – essentially a review of intelligence operations and analysis techniques which highlighted blunders by the military under both Johnson and Nixon. 

Publishing the report did nothing to win the war,  – and had the effect of making Americans want to be done with it,  – even if it meant that South Vietnam,  – even all of Southeast Asia – would fall to the communists.

The full report was 7,000 pages, – and the Times knew less than a dozen readers would ever wade through all of it. 

Readers would take whatever the Times chose to print as a headline – and maybe the first summary paragraph – and believe it as gospel.  

Anti-war Democrats would believe what they WANTED to believe,  – just as today they refuse to believe anything bad about Hillary….

The Times became hated by all patriotic Americans,…and they have been losing credibility and circulation ever since.

NOW TODAY they’re gleefully selling out America again, – siding with Crooked Hillary – and trying to brand Trump as a ‘Tax Dodger’.

Based solely on three STOLEN pages of a 21-year old tax return,..

…they are SPECULATING that *MAYBE* he avoided taxes for years thereafter based on his nearly $1 Billion loss……

Being clever bastards,  they have cloaked their speculation in words that make it seem like factual coverage.


Sadly, most Democrats – who don’t earn real incomes,  don’t own massive businesses,  or pay real taxes – will fall for it.

The Times is largely owned by the Ochs-Sulzberger oligarchy and Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim.

Do you think that Slim has an interest in keeping the US-Mexico border open?

Will the Times investigate the Clinton World Initiative…?

Will they investigate her list of Speaking Fees….?

Will they investigate her HEALTH…?

Will they investigate her close associates who got IMMUNITY…?

Will they investigate her Muslim Associates and Connections…?

Will they investigate her weapons smuggling to Mexico and later at Benghazi...?

Folks,  America’s ‘media’ today is little more

than the propaganda ministry

of the Democrat (Socialist) Party….

Do you expect the US Justice Department under Loretta Lynch to investigate or prosecute the Times for publishing stolen tax records…?

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