Desperate Democraps Always Get Shrill

Posted September 6th, 2021 by Iron Mike

In just 8 days – Sept 14th, – some 22,000,000 registered California voters (likely includes several million illegals) will either drop off their ballots,  – or mail them in.   Liberal Governor Gavin Newsom’s future is on the line.

At an insider’s rally for Newsom (attended by VP Kneepads and Senator Squaw) newly elected Calif State Senator Sydney Kamlager said Republican Larry Elder will return California to the era of Jim Crow.  She again called him “the BLACK FACE of White Supremacy”.  She clearly never studied History!

While you might not be familiar with Larry Elder,  anyone who has watched or listened to him understands that Larry is a consummate gentleman,  – well-versed in our Constitution and in American History.

So why would a Black privileged AA/EEO grad of Carnegie Mellon resort to shrill hyperbole to defend an inept white liberal governor who year-after-year cannot even deal with forest fires…?

Does the über-libturd Ms. Kamlager represent most California liberals,  – who seem to live in craven fear of honest elections, – of competent government, – and all things Republican?

Does her fear cause her to utter her shrill nonsense?

If her car gets stolen – will she call BLM or the Police?

Ms. Kamlager is simply using this election to raise her own public profile by being deliberately shrill and obnoxious.

As a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority – she sometimes wears her hair and dresses in non-African modes,  – when the occasions suit her.

3 Responses to “Desperate Democraps Always Get Shrill”

  1. John Pagel

    Hopefully Larry will be elected on the 14th. California needs a break from the demorats

  2. Jim Buba

    Newsome 55-45

    I saw that written on the barn wall

  3. Kojack

    Lib-TURDs will still support Newsom. Ballot harvesting and ILLEGAL immigration have flipped CA and will have keep Newsom in power. That being said I really hope that Larry Elders prevails.