Deserter Bergdahl Pleads GUILTY!

Posted October 16th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Taliban’s Ally is gone from our White House;  – we have an American Patriot there now,  – and the chance of a presidential pardon for Bergdahl deserting his post in combat is long gone.

In his old age – if he lives long enough, – this wasted libturd sperm may come to realize that Obama and his corrupt cartel used him for nothing more than some photo-ops.  He was never really their ‘heroic victim’ – – just another tool to be used and flung under the bus.

Remember when well-trained Susan Liar Rice tried to put a ‘heroic victim’ spin on this disgraceful bastard,  – and on the actions of our treasonous pResident…?

Remember too how many left-wing media outlets were in FULL SYMPATHY.  It may have been the final undoing of the Obama Cartel!

Even Americans who don’t understand warfare – and who weren’t following politics,  – fully understood brazen treason when they saw it.

Rot in Leavenworth Bergdahl,  – and remember the faces of the heroes who died trying to bring you home.

5 Responses to “Deserter Bergdahl Pleads GUILTY!”

  1. FLICK

    I still don’t understand the significance of his parents and the presser with them in attendance. Can someone explain that? Were they donors or did they have something on someone?


    It’s a little unclear Flick, but Daddy had learned Pashto and seemed at the time to speak it fluently…..

    …and he got to offer an anti-American prayer in Pashto – praying for a US defeat and a Taliban victory – in our Rose Garden.

    It was a HUGE Islamic propaganda victory – with Obama walking off hugging them….

  2. Panther 6

    Without a doubt the whole Bergdahl episode should be a blight on Barack Hussein but he will escape. Freeing 5 scum bag terrorists for this one turd of a deserter was a crime that has gone unpunished. PFC Bergdahl, I refuse to call him sergeant. cost at least 6 American lives and for that alone he should go to Ft. Leavenworth, the Disciplinary Barracks. for life. I met Mr and Mrs Bergdahl one day at US CENTCOM while visiting the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the CINC at the time – gent named the CINC was Mattis Mrs Bergdahl was Miss Milk Toast – just looked pretty didn’t say a word,,,while Mr. B was a true extrovert and total turnoff. I stood while the senior leadership talked to them and made a few intro’s. Was in their presence maybe 90 seconds. Sure hope the punishment for the PFC fits the crime.

  3. Varvara

    I wonder what the parents of the heroes who died think of this farce.

  4. Beach doc

    We should never forget, nor should we let him forget, the 6 young lives lost while trying to save his @$$.

  5. Walter Knight

    After Bergdahl goes AWOL the army promotes him to sergeant and gives him an Infantry Badge. Both need to be taken back before he starts doing time.