Deputy Police Commissioner Mugged?

Posted July 21st, 2019 by Iron Mike

Baltimore’s brand new Police Deputy Commissioner Daniel Murphy got his introduction to the City Friday night – robbed at gunpoint.

If he had success in his former gig in New Orleans,  this boy wannabe was / is totally out of his league in Baltimore.  His naïve decision-making made him easy prey….

Now Danny-Boy will have to live with his embarrassment,  – but at least he’s alive.

FOR THE REST OF YOU:   Those eight Obama years emboldened the predators in EVERY American town and city,  – particularly those run by liberal Democrats and racist anti-White minorities.

Your life is at risk whenever you are out of your home,  and you should be armed and ready.   The older you are – the more you look like easy pickings.

Or,  you can just pray and hope God will save your ass,…but He may be busy saving somebody else when evil springs up in your path.

UPDATE:  Friday, 26 July 2019   The Teen Muggers were just BEGINNING their crime wave….

Police have charged two 16-year-old youths in connection with last week’s armed robbery of a deputy police commissioner and his wife, a Baltimore Police spokesman confirmed Friday.

Kahree Fowlkes, of the 5100 block of Terrance Drive in Nottingham, and Kamal Godwin, of the 1400 block of N. Central Ave.,  were arrested Thursday and charged as adults with armed robbery and related charges, according to police and court records. Court records show the two teens are accused of participating in other crimes within days before and after the Murphys were robbed.

Both teens also have been charged as adults with an armed carjacking that occurred Saturday, July 20, one day after the incident with Murphy and his wife, court records show.

How did giving these kids fake African names improve their chances in life?


8 Responses to “Deputy Police Commissioner Mugged?”

  1. Peter S

    Poor kid. What an embarrassment. The cops are probably laughing at the videos of their new boss crying while being robbed.


    My 24 year old son reminds his sister to be aware of her surrounding when in Worcester or recently visiting him in San Fran.. What the heck was this kid thinking in Baltimore. Embarrassing.

  3. MC

    Strolling the streets of Baltimore at 9PM wasn’t his wisest move. He was darn lucky !

  4. panther 6

    Hopefully he learned a lesson he won’t forget. The streets of Baltimore are not like the streets of New Orleans.

  5. Jim Buba

    I wonder when the movie will come out?

  6. McJilton

    Patterson Park is a safe area, you are all inbred hicks who live in small towns. Kill yourselves.


    Kill ourselves…? You call US “inbred hicks”?

    Actually, the story itself DISPROVES your contention.

    The youthful Black goons drove up in an SUV to rob the boy and his wife. So NOWHERE is safe in 21st Century Baltimore.

  7. CopBlaster

    This is a great example of Karma. You can only represent people that point guns around in the community for so long until someone points a gun at you, GREAT!


    You’re posting from Portland, Oregon, where your Commie buddies of AntiFA are at war with both the Police and with the Law-Abiding Citizens.

    Your mayor and your governor are both libturd pukes. Your police chief is an AA/EEO TOKEN hired from Oakland – strictly because she is a frail black woman.

    Thus your comments make ZERO sense about the situation in Baltimore, where decades of racial hatreds and political corruption have turned a once-thriving port city into a third-world shithole. Death stalks the streets of Baltimore, striking down Blacks with either drug overdoses or bullets.

    PLEASE, before you post your nest STUPID / UNINFORMED comment, – do a little RESEARCH.

    FYI, your other offering went to SPAM – and will die there….

  8. Walter Knight

    More than once liberals have thought they were safe just because they were liberals. Can’t fix stupid.