Denver Shooting: Unqualified Armed Hothead?

Posted October 12th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The similarities and stark differences with Kenosha cannot be overlooked.

The final seconds of Lee Keltner’s 49-year life were captured on video.  The murder trial of Matthew Robert Dolloff will make headlines,  – and make some lawyer’s career.
Can Denver find 12 jurors not high on marijuana?

Why and how was “Security Guard” Dolloff close enough to protester Keltner that he got slapped?   What part of ‘protecting a TV crew’ was this about?  A jury will have to ponder this.

Navy vet Keltner came prepared for trouble – he came with a defensive weapon,  – bear spray,  – common and necessary in Colorado.  Bears can be a problem,  just like asshole wannabes.

Our 2nd Amendment was never intended to protect stupid,  careless,  reckless, or criminal people from the consequences of their negligent or criminal acts.

Dolloff was big into video games.  There is no RESET button in his life now.

Denver TV Station 9News and their parent corporation TEGNA suddenly have a BIG LEGAL PROBLEM….

Another sad (lethal) example of what happens when liberals try to actually DO anything.  They have NO CLUE about the real world,  – and they inevitably BLOW IT!

One Response to “Denver Shooting: Unqualified Armed Hothead?”

  1. Chris Pinto

    From my understanding of the laws of deadly force, Lee Kiltner’s actions were appropriate.

    The thing is that in Colorado I believe that they have a “personal space” law. If someone gets in your personal space, you are allowed to strike them to get them out of your personal space. Now I was not there, but these pictures seem to show that happening to Mr. Kiltner

    But then he is being shot when he never displayed or used Deadley Force himself. AFAIK, that would be considered a homicidal act.

    But this will all depend on who the DA is in that part of Colorado. A BLM/Antifa sympathetic DA maybe will not bring a charge of homocide.

    Time will tell.

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