Denver Digs Out From “Global Warming”

Posted March 15th, 2021 by Iron Mike

No sooner does Crooked China Joe kill the pipeline (so his donor Warren Buffett can keep getting richer) – than Mother Nature bitch-slaps his weed-smoking Democrat voters in Colorado.
It was the second time since Biden’s Executive Order that Mother Nature punished Denver.

America’s brain-washed ‘TRUE BELIEVERS’ are thrilled that China Joe killed the Keystone XL – with a single signature….

They think he CARES about our Environment….

He doesn’t believe a word of it.   He doesn’t CARE!

He just wants to repay Warren Buffett, – who owns the BNSF Railroad, – and who will get richer with every tank car of crude oil the BNSF takes to the refinery.

Have you noticed yet how much more you’re paying for gasoline and home heating oil since China Joe was ‘inaugurated’?

Warren Buffett – 90 years old / $85 Billion (world’s 4th wealthiest person – and still not satisfied)…


Stupid humans are causing Global Warming…

The Pipeline is bad for the Environment….

Warren Buffett is a True Patriot….

Hillary is the Smartest Woman in the World….

Trump and the Russians stole the 2016 election….

In 2020,  China Joe was the legitimate winner….

Trains are safer than pipelines……

We need really high gas prices to FORCE you to buy
   an electric car… save the Earth….

And lastly,…they want you to accept that MASSIVE BLIZARDS are actually P-R-O-O-F that the planet is warming up….

2 Responses to “Denver Digs Out From “Global Warming””

  1. Sue Ettwein

    It has gone up at least 60 cents a gallon since January 20 here. It goes up every week.

  2. panther6

    Our citizens won’t pay too much attention to Global Warming and frankly shouldn’t, it is Mother Nature at work and we can’t fix Mother Nature.

    As for gas prices,,,,, well hello! Joe and Jane six pack will pay attention to gas prices. That may well result in some serious changes in 2022. Let us all hope so. In the meantime Warren Buffett’s rail cars are not nearly so rusty and he is again making lots of train transport money.