Dennis Rodman: Freak To Shoplifter?

Posted May 10th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Basketball is over,  coaching a team like Larry Byrd or Kevin McHale is out of his league, – and paparazzi no longer follow him from club to club.  Is he just another washed-up aging freak show?

He got himself video-taped running a shoplifting crew. Sad! video:

Will he invoke the Jussie Smollett Defense, i.e. you’re racist for blaming me?

Put a call into Michelle Obama Dennis,   – she got Jussie off….

6′ 7”, 14 years in the NBA, married 3 times / 3 kids, constantly in legal trouble,  – not much of an example for kids in the inner cities….

One Response to “Dennis Rodman: Freak To Shoplifter?”

  1. Mt Woman

    So sad, but not much of a fall from grace. Rodman was a freak and outcast from the jump. Oh, by the way, I love the thief’s return to the rack to retrieve and hide the hanger–who would ever know? Why she clearly stuffed the shirt into her bag as caught on camera, yet she hid the hanger–LOSER thinking she is sly!