Denis McDonough Completes Obama’s Treason

Posted March 25th, 2015 by Iron Mike

The enemies of Israel are the enemies of the United States, – and Obama’s Chief of Staff just gave them great aid and comfort.
Denis McDonough
McDonough spoke at the J Street 2015 Conference Tuesday – and thrust a dagger deep into the Israeli rib cage…
“An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end.”

He was parroting one of the key talking points of the Arab “Palestinians”, – their demand that Israel surrender the territory they captured after the Arabs launched the 1967 war,  – sometimes called the Six-Day War.

Israel cannot maintain military control of another people indefinitely,”  Obama’s errand boy McDonough said at the final event of J Street’s 2015 conference.

This is a continued swipe at Netanyahu and the Israeli people, – and it will embolden Hezbollah, Hamas,  al Qaeda,  ISIS,  and Iran into further aggression.

It sends a clear signal that the Obama Cartel no longer supports Israel’s very existence.

Simply stated, in military and in survival terms,  – Israel cannot return to the pre-1967 borders. With the middle of the country only 8 miles wide,  most of the rocketry now in Arab hands could smother and extinguish that piece of ground.  Israel would be cut in half.

The Obama Cartel fully understand this,b- so McDonough’s words are evil at a level not heard in Western Nations since Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’.

Thus, between Obama’s headlong pursuit of the deal guaranteed to give the Iranian Twelvers a nuclear arsenal,  – and McDonough’s despicable signal of the Cartel’s ‘Final Betrayal’,  Israel should understand that for at least the next 22 months they are totally on their own.

Should a war start – or even just a renewal of last years rocket barrages from Gaza, – the Obama Cartel is unlikely to lift a finger.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn about Obama providing targeting information to Hamas. Yes, it’s gotten just that bad.

Until the Obama Cartel is removed from office,  any nation on earth should be wary of doing business with the United States.  We just aren’t our old selves anymore.


AndJen Psaki if there was lingering any doubt about Obama’s intentions toward Israel,  – by the end of Tuesday the Obama-Kerry Cartel was bemoaning the fact that Israel had informed members of the US Congress about key details of the Kerry-Iran negotiations, – claiming that Israel had spied on Kerry…

Israeli Spying

But that backfired, as it became clear that Israel was spying on the Iranians [as they should be], – and that Obama and Kerry had failed to keep Congress informed [as they should have].

I would expect to see another Israeli-Terrorist war start this summer,  and not later than February 2016, – to coincide with our presidential election year…

There is great evil loose in the World, – the worst of it was put in office by stupid American voters in 2008, – and kept there in 2012.

We have only ourselves to blame.

Article III, Section 3:  Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them,  or in adhering to their enemies,   giving them aid and comfort.

10 Responses to “Denis McDonough Completes Obama’s Treason”

  1. KarenG

    With all due respect, when are our Jewish American voters/citizens going to wake up and STOP reflexively voting for Democrats (I know, some don’t, but the vast majority do)? The horse may already be out of the barn for their Israeli brethren thanks to the mindboggling support they have shown here by twice voting for Obama and his policies…Honestly, maybe they just DON’T CARE about Israel…

  2. Walter Knight

    It does seem like Jewish Americans hate Israel. The world, not just Israel, is on it’s own until Obama leaves. Perhaps more countries in Europe should develop nuclear weapons.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    With voices like Pam Geller constantly crying in the wilderness about the plight of Israel. The truth be known, the lives of the Arabs that live in Israel and there are 1.3million who live, work and vote in Israel and are very content with their lot in life. The Iranians have sworn to obliterate Israel, which they understand completely, unlike the United States, The Great Satan, who continues to negotiate with this country whose leaders are serial, pathological liars.

  4. Jim Gettens

    Message to Israeli Patriots: It is time to launch a MASSIVE pre-emptive strike against Iran using all effective means available.

    In the meantime, BARACK HUSSEIN Obama, McDonough, and all their ilk should just bend over and take it like the good Muslim-owned goats they are.

  5. Blossom Stiefel

    J Street is a dangerous organization, they pretend to be a friend of Israel and the Jewish people. They simply side with the left on every issue. They are with Obama and his Administration on everything.
    The fundamental reality remains: The Palestinian leadership will never sign its name to a peace settlement with Israel. Their goal is to wipe Israel off the map, they announce that all the time. How can Israel negotiate with these terrorists?
    The actions of our President, his Administration and groups like J Street embolden the terrorists. Iran is in a great position now, they can further their aggression towards Israel and the United States.
    As Ted Cruz said, “the world is on fire”. We need a real leader, like Netanyahu for stand up for the safety of our world. G-d help us!

  6. Barry R. Schupp

    Glad to be aboard.

  7. Jim Buba

    I have often wondered why Israel stopped at the Jordan River and did not finish the job by taking Amman and Damascus.

    Ah, but those were different times.

    I’m hoping they have learned their lesson.

  8. Catherine

    The UN resolution that re-established Israel in 1947/48 called for the establishment of two states. Israel was created — and the Arab states from whose territory the second state was to come then reneged on the deal. Israel absolutely should NOT give as much as one square centimeter of territory to a second state!

    As for the current administration, it astounds me that people cannot see that this is an utterly LAWLESS group, whose clear goals are the transformation of this country into a marxist/islamist, third-rate state. They have been assiduously pursuing those goals – with an alarming level of success – since Day One.

  9. Jim Buba

    I believe what troubles us all is that there is nobody standing up for all of us collectively.

    So I’m a racist. BFD. I’ve been called worse and been thrown out of better places.

    We’d all have better luck pandering to the Mafia or A.O.H., were we so inclined.

    (( A small comfort, the three captcha letters this time around ))

  10. Don Ordway

    Great Summary. As usual you are right on target. DonO