Dems nix another black candidate…

Posted July 19th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

Whatever happened to their old mantra… Count every vote?  I’ll tell you.  It only holds when their candidate is likely to win.  The Illinois Democrat Party is blocking the candidacy of a black candidate who is NOT a Democrat.  You see, Democrats think they have exclusive rights to the black voter, and candidate.  How else can they control them?

How pathetic the Democrats are in their unbridled attempts to throw elections, control black voters, intimidate any voter who doesn’t agree with their twisted politics.  Well, I don’t.  rr

One Response to “Dems nix another black candidate…”

  1. ironmike

    Where’s the “Rev” Jessie Jackson on this one? Maybe he’s busy protesting TEA Party Racism at the NAACP? Or racism out in Arizona? Where’s OBummer? Oh, I forgot vacationing in Bar Harbor!