Dem’s Impeachment Party On HOLD!

Posted June 9th, 2017 by Iron Mike

They’d been planning a big gory History-making spectacular,  – where every Democrat would have a speaking role and the Trump Family would be frog-marched down Pennsylvania Avenue and out of town.

But Thursday their STAR WITNESS upchucked all over their plans when he proved to be a limp-wristed self-serving liar, leaker, and a spineless and unworthy leader of the FBI.

Since last November 9th – Democrats in and out of Government have been clinging to myths and dreams that the election results could be overturned….

.that Trump could be caught in bed with Putin….

.that somehow their nightmare would end and Hillary could be parachuted into the Oval Office – as “the Rightful Winner”,…

…since after all she won the popular vote with all those illegal Mexicans in California….

And yesterday before the Senate Intelligence Committee their hopes for a Trump Impeachment rested on the broad shoulders of fired FBI Director James Comey.

And over the next 2½ hours Comey proved repeatedly why he’d always been unworthy of leading that agency,  – unworthy of America’s trust,  – and why Trump had been entirely justified in firing his self-serving self-righteous ass.

Although his sworn testimony yesterday often contradicted previous ‘Sworn Testimony’ – what came through loud and clear is that Comey had never liked or trusted Trump – from even BEFORE he was inaugurated,…and was keeping notes of all their conversations….

So,…was he planning to use his NOTES in a book,….or in an impeachment trial,…or as a way to blackmail a sitting president…?

No wonder Trump smelled a rat – and wanted a pledge of loyalty.

Now the Democrats are stuck – Comey’s testimony exonerates Trump of any claim that he tried to obstruct Justice by ordering Comey to squash the ongoing Mike Flynn investigation….

…BUT,…it opened the door into an investigation of Loretta Lynch and her attempts to downplay the ongoing criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton and her illegal email server.

Thus Lynch and her sidekick Sally Yates may come under official FBI scrutiny – or even under Special Counsel Robert Muller’s scrutiny…

4 Responses to “Dem’s Impeachment Party On HOLD!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    We’ll, let’s see here…. At lunch I was so intimidated by the presence of the POTUS that I went back for a second meal….and a half dozen or so telcons, afterwards made notes of my “feelings” of intimidation but took no formal steps to notify my boss. And then I courageously had my friend leak some of the notes, then threw him under the bus as a co-conspiritor….

    Simply amazing.

    The stiff was looking for that hole card I spoke of yesterday. And if Trump wasn’t going to deal one to him, he was going to fabricate one, as yesterday’s testimony showed….a true exercise in lawyerly obfuscation….

    With the upcoming White House DOJ and Senate complaints, now his “skid marks” will begin. No Uncle Sam to pay his legal fees, now. But there will be a book deal. There always is.

    I can only hope we will now revisit Fast and Furious, an Attorney General’s contempt citation, “coincidental” meetings on airport tarmac, IRS harassment, that pesky private server, etc. I wonder, will Leavenworth have enough unoccupied beds?

    Are you reading this, Holder, Lynch, Yates, Lerner, Clinton, etc?

  2. MC

    Knowing that Comey, Mills, Holder, and Lynch had worked for the same Law Office that has ties to Clinton –Only a non-politician would think of firing Comey while he was giving a speech in Los Angeles so that all his electronics, files etc could be gathered from his office instead of destroyed. Go Trump !

  3. Kojack

    GreenBeretLTC – I sure hope it ends up that way. There is almost nothing that would make me happier.

  4. Sherox

    Even though Comey’s testimony completely vindicated Trump, the main stream media has not gotten the message. The average main stream newswatcher or reader thinks that Trump is going to be impeached.