Dem’s ‘Gridlock’ Deception

Posted January 19th, 2012 by Iron Mike

For over fifty years Democrats have mastered and ruthlessly used catchwords and sound-bites to cover their scurrilous agenda and steer the national debate in their favor.

For 2012 their buzzword will be ‘Republican Gridlock’!

Don’t buy into it – that ‘gridlock’ was the only thing that saved our Republic from an Obama Bankruptcy!

Let’s briefly discuss the agendas and the sound-bites:

  The Democratic / Obama Agenda:

1.  Force the USA into massive default on both international debt [to China] – and entitlement debt [SocSecurity, Medicare, Govt pensions, Military Pensions, Bonds].

2.  Use that default as the excuse to nationalize private investment accounts [your savings, your 401K, your stock portfolio, etc].

3.  By executive order [al la Hugo Chavez or Adolph Hitler] – declare a wide range of economic and social edicts and programs. These would include both minimum and maximum wages, national health care, mandatory union membership, and a complete end to right-to-work laws.

By mid 2009 – there was almost nothing stopping them…

   Until….the rise of the TEA PARTIES!!

…and the 2010 midterm elections – which sent scores of ‘Tea Party Republicans’ to Congress – each with clear marching orders from their voters: “STOP that runaway train!”  They mostly did.

Now in early 2012, a frustrated Obama Cartel will try playing ‘the Victim’, and blame the ‘those Tea Party Republicans and their GRIDLOCK’.

The foolish, the easily duped, the willing useful idiots will all buy into it.

In every village and hamlet, – in every public debate, and in every letter-to-the-editor section of every paper you hear it over and over again – – ‘Tea Party Republican Gridlock’ – ‘we can’t get anything done’.

  E X A C T L Y! ! !

It was the ONLY way to stop the train wreck!

Republicans – Conservatives – EMBRACE IT!  Take CREDIT for it!

Those freshman congressmen and women did exactly what their voters sent them to Washington for – they slowed down and stopped the train wreck.

Send them ALL back in again!  Send MORE!  Now it’s time to start reversing the damage that 3 years of Obama has wrought. It’s time to repair the damage.

  JUST THINK BACK – to 2008…

…all you heard then was ‘the failed policies of the last eight years…’ It was enough to get an undocumented fraud elected President.

So this year use the phrase ‘runaway Obama train wreck’.  Use it often and with feeling!  Because you’re RIDING that train!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Dem’s ‘Gridlock’ Deception”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I take exception to your using “Thomas the Tank Engine” as the train going off the track, but you certainly made the point. The Democrat Opposition Research campaign will only become more and more vicious. The most vicious we have seen in our life time. Fasten your seat belts it has only just begun.