Dems Dig Themselves An Image Problem

Posted May 22nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Between their 23 White House Wannabes on the campaign trail,  and their 280 elected fellow travelers back on Capitol Hill,  the Democrat / Progressive / Socialist Party has just spent 2½ years furiously digging themselves a very ugly image problem.

Part of it was that their Chosen Queen Hillary lost a rigged election, – part of it was that the outsider Trump had won,..- and part of it was the shock that Working Americans in those “stupid flyover states” despised them and wanted an American President!

They’ve just spent 2½ years proving they don’t care what Americans think; – they want our country and the world to run according to their globalist ideals.

So rather that try to out-American Trump, they’ve investigated him – all his family and friends, – and are desperately trying to find some shred of evidence for IMPEACHMENT!

And they’re absolutely ignoring the fact that Americans don’t want this clown show to occupy our nightly news.

So Trump goes out and campaigns for American Patriots – and guys like Fred Keller grabs a 68% win yesterday in Pennsylvania – just days after Joe Biden “launched his 2020 run in front of thousands” (~ maybe ~ 1,500).

In the US Senate the 12 Democrats up for reelection in 2020 have mostly kept a low profile, Cory “Spartacus” Booker being the exception,  – he’s running for the White house.

Even so, Dummycrat Ed Markey has already drawn a primary challenger back home in Boston. (Her home – not his!)

All 235 House Democrats are up for reelection,  and if yesterday’s 68% to 32% Democrat defeat in Pennsylvania is any indication,  American voters have seen enough of Democrats defending late-term and post-birth infanticide….

After all,  more people who in the past were habitual and unthinking lifetime Democrat voters have awakened.  A good paying JOB will do that,  and Trump has put America back to work – in numbers not seen since the dark days of WWII.

People who never cared much about politics are beginning to understand how badly Democrats were hurting them – and their families – for decades and for generations.

Republicans campaigning from now until November 3rd 2020 will have to deal with TWO (2) FACTORS:

FIRST:  There will still be some 28 – 35% of Americans who will refuse to pay any attention at all to anything political, – and likely won’t vote.  These people we all PLANT LIFE….

SECOND:  There will still be those 20 – 30% who truly believe that it is Government’s Role to feed, clothe, house, and entertain them…. These we call Socialists, – or barnacles on the Ship of State, or pond scum….

But in just 2½ years the Trump Presidency has pulled the mask off those wasted years of Obama’s betrayal and treason….

.pulled the mask off China, the EU, Islamic fanaticism, Iran, Mexico, and the dangers of unguarded borders. The Globalists are in a frenzy, and have only lies and charges of “RACISM” to counter with. And every time an illegal kills an American Citizen, – more Americans wake up and want the WALL!

.pulled the mask off the Democrat Party leadership – revealing them as both anti-American and blood-thirsty baby-killers.

By backing themselves into a position of extreme negativity,   the Democrats today are proving themselves the party of ABSOLUTE CONTROL and DEAD BABIES.

Funny how fast “Hope and Change” evaporated….

3 Responses to “Dems Dig Themselves An Image Problem”

  1. panther 6

    Mike: Once again you nailed it in this post. Nadler is a vicious, self centered, slob with no redeeming value. Peeloosely is losing control and the party is becoming a gaggle of left wing nuts. Frankly I think they are sinking their own ship.


    Tango Yankee Sir! I am the monster you helped create….

  2. Kojack

    “Democrat / Progressive / Socialist / AMORAL / ANTI-AMERICAN Party

  3. Ben

    Keep up the great work you do Colonel. We need more like you.