Dem’s 191 Year Tradition Of Black Slavery!

Posted January 29th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The Democrats unabashedly continue their 191 year tradition of using and abusing Black Slaves….

I first heard the news – and thought it was a sick political joke.  The Democrats under Pelosi and Schumer have ‘agreed’ to Trump delivering the 2019 SOTU Address on Feb 5th.   And in the next breath, – they’re using Stacey Abrams to deliver the rebuttal…? SICK!

Are Pelosi and Schumer aware they’ve poisoned their image with America over the Border Wall? Do they fully understand how much average working Americans HATE them…?

Seems they do,  so they’re going to hide behind the fat Black Lady who just lost a fraud-soaked election for Governor in Georgia?

And why is Stacey doing this? Are they paying off her campaign debt?

Is Stacey Abrams and her Black Panther supporters the IMAGE Democrats want to perpetuate in 2019 – leading to the 2020 Presidential Race?

So why thrust Ms. Adams front & Center – unless Pelosi and Schumer know that Americans revile and detest the two of them…?

Let the Fat Black Chick (and proven loser) take the heat…?

At RRB we can only conclude that Pelosi and Schumer know they’ve burned their bridges behind them,….and desperate for any sort of rebuttal to Trump’s powerful message about building the WALL,  – are willing to let an expendable Black Token take the heat next Tuesday….

Despicable and sad….

Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. would have just turned 90 this month.  It’s a DAMNED SHAME that American Blacks let themselves be used by Democrats,  – in essentially the same way they were being used when Andrew Jackson founded that accursed party back in 1828….

Why die 360,220 Union Soldiers die in our Civil War,  – if Blacks today are still slaves to the Democrat Party…?

NOTE TO MS. ABRAMS:  You lost a race – despite some very crooked politics being played on your behalf ,  – and despite a LOT of Hollywood money spent in Georgia.

Your “voice” is not going to be “heard” Tuesday night,  – your BLACK FACE is going to be USED! Back out while there is time to save your honor.

Illegal immigration of cheap Mexican labor hurts inner-city Black kids the most, and you should WANT that border wall!

Drugs from Mexico and South America have put at least a MILLION young BLACK MEN in prison – another reason to build that WALL.


One Response to “Dem’s 191 Year Tradition Of Black Slavery!”

  1. Vic

    I think the SOTU speech is a monumental waste of time. I’d rather he just submitted a Powerpoint and skipped the speech. Why give these commies the opportunity to bash the Pres? They will all make faces, sit on their hands, blah blah blah.