Democrats Will Sleep With Anyone!

Posted December 24th, 2013 by Iron Mike

T’was the Week Before Christmas and all through New York, …disgraced former Governor Eliot Spitzer…is shacking up with his new squeeze – while still married to his long-suffering wife.
The Luv Gov
How much more bizarre can Democrats get? 

Spitzer is quite a character.  He was born rich – VERY RICH.  Went to Princeton and Harvard Law – married a beautiful Harvard Law classmate – had three kids – became NY State Attorney General, – and built a reputation as a ‘crime-fighter’.

And was elected Governor in 2006.   But there were murky secrets.

March 2008 – just a year into being Governor of New York, Spitzer gets snared in a federal investigation of prostitution.   He is “Client #9” of a certain Ms. Ashley Alexander Dupré [$1,000.oo / hour Ashley].

As the weeks went by,  it turned out that he’d spent at least $100K on toots over the years – even when as Attorney General he was prosecuting them.  And some of it may have been government money…March 2008 career in flames
He resigns as Governor, vows to reform, his wife Silda Wall Spitzer [she’s a Harvard attorney remember?] sticks with him.

He gets a series of lackluster jobs with the Mainstream Media – but generally bombs.  Then this year he launched a failed attempt to run for Controller of NY City.  And meets his new squeeze – Ms. Lis Smith – who just last year led Obama’s 2012 Rapid Response Team.

When Spitzer lost in the NY City Primary – she jumped on Bill de Blasio’s Progressive Bandwagon and he won BIG TIME!

Lis and Eliot grabbing headlines

Now with de Blasio set to be sworn in next Wednesday – suddenly it’s his PR gal Lis grabbing the headlines – with that skirt-chasing Eliot Spitzer?  NOT COOL!  What incoming mayor needs that kind of distraction in New York City – where the Press still works – at least part of it?  

I think this won’t end well.   I think Lis sees a big payoff, – and maybe an intro onto Hillary’s team.

I think Silda may be considering dropping her last name soon.

A word of advice to Ms. Smith:  Lis, if politics excites you – stick with it.  Just don’t count on meeting the man of your dreams.  No man will ever dance with you again, – without smelling that Spitzer stink all over you! David & Michelle Paterson

And to prove my point about Democrats sleeping with anyone:   ONE (1) DAY after Spitzer’s LtGov – David Paterson [first blind / black LtGov / gov] was sworn in – he and his wife Michelle Paige – BOTH had to acknowledge having extra-marital affairs while working in State Government.

They finally split in Sept 2012.

UPDATE:   Monday, 15 Feb 2016    Eliot has another incident with a woman – who claims he choked her,…then she quickly departed for Russia.

Eliot chokes Russian hooker

Svetlana Travis



5 Responses to “Democrats Will Sleep With Anyone!”

  1. CA Girl

    Spitzer is gross — probably is full of STDs from all his time at the escort service. This 31 yr old aspiring bimbo-wannabe-Hillaryite is stupid to glom onto this middle aged nobody. Hasn’t she heard of filthy Filner — these people don’t change! I would certainly hope that Spitzer’s wife leaves his sorry rear soon.

  2. Casey Chapman

    You ever notice, that when Democrats get caught sleeping around, it’s only a speed bump in their political career. But should a Republican do it—–then it’s “get the tar and feathers out”, according to the lame stream press. Not that I am excusing the behavior in anyone. I am simply pointing out the OBVIOUS double standard.

  3. Walter Knight

    And then there’s Anthony Weiner (D).

  4. Victor

    Mark Sanford?
    Scott Desjarlais?
    Ted Haggard?