Democrats Tax Connecticut Into Bankruptcy

Posted July 17th, 2017 by Iron Mike

But it feels so good to raise teacher salaries…   And Government Workers need more,  – so let’s raise taxes again.  Businesses can pay!”

Hartford Connecticut – once the epitome of a soundly managed capital city,  – just hired a bankruptcy attorney.  They’re in over their heads and businesses are fleeing!

Since they never lived on a farm,  most Democrats don’t understand that Ole Betsy won’t give milk in perpetuity.  Even the best of cows grow old,  get sick,  and eventually die.

The same applies to businesses – even well-run ones.  But if you abuse your cows or your businesses – they die sooner.

Connecticut was my awakening into politics as a life-and-death matter.

I’d moved north from Georgia to take a job in Greenwich,  and to transfer to the CTARNG.  Then came the wee hours of Tuesday morning 28 June 1983 – and the collapse of the I-95 bridge at Cos Cob.

Governor William O’Neill was a generally good man,  – and in the investigation that followed the Hartford Courant proved – with video – that the state bridge inspectors were mailing it in – sometimes spending as little as 3 to 5 minutes under any bridge on any workday,  – but using their state trucks for personal shopping and errands.

They’d totally failed to see the rusted-away pins that could no longer hold the bridge sections in place.  People died,  and all of New England was seriously inconvenienced for months.

Think anybody went to jail…?  Or even got demoted…?

I still cringe every time I drive across a bridge…..

The point is:  Democrats see a problem and think the answer is to throw money at it.

If that doesn’t fix it – throw more with the next budget!

Supervision, accountability, and quality control are foreign words to Democrats!

But they sure know how to rig elections and votes in your state legislature!

So Connecticut – has been raising taxes lately – pretty steeply under Governor Malloy – who needs money to placate his various state unions, – and to pay for Connecticut being a “Sanctuary State”.

And of course the big businesses have responded by moving jobs out of state – cutting deeply into the state’s tax revenues.

Anybody thought of asking all the state employees – including teachers – to take a 5% pay cut? Forgettaboutit!

If Hartford is forced to declare bankruptcy – as Detroit had to exactly 4 years ago….it will start the rest of the dominoes falling. The millionaires of Stamford, Greenwich, Wilton and Ridgefield will suddenly be getting a lot less ‘services’, – and they may see their jobs moved out of state.

Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas are waiting!

Back in the early 1980s – when I lived in Connecticut – there was no personal income tax.  But Democrats were determined to turn the state into a socialist European colony again,  – so they voted in a state income tax in 1991.

Today Governor Malloy wants to turn the state into a Latin American nation….and he expects his taxpayers to pay for it!   The taxpayers are voting with their feet!

Anybody remember when bustling Hartford had a hockey team?

2 Responses to “Democrats Tax Connecticut Into Bankruptcy”

  1. Hawk1776

    The Laffer Curve is a graph that shows the relationship between taxation and revenue. It illustrates that as the tax rate increases eventually people vote with their feet and revenue declines. Connecticut is on the downward slope of the Laffer Curve. In other words, you can’t get blood from a stone.

  2. Mt Woman

    My family are all CT born and raised residents. They are all crazed Dems. Although they faithfully complain about Malloy and his taxes and inability to govern, do you think they would even consider voting for a Republican candidate–NO–as a matter of fact, several years ago when Linda MacMahon ran for Senate from CT, she was spoken about like she was a freak by my family. Diehard Dems are a different bunch, they just can’t see the forest from the tree and can’t change their stripes no matter what. As the lone family “R”, I’m surprised that they haven’t disowned me yet!