Democrats Suddenly Rudderless

Posted June 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Obama’s “joyous moment” with the Bergdahl parents is now a political nightmare for many Democrats, – except John Kerry.Rudderless Democrats
Dianne Feinstein
who thought she was important – now complains that since being publicly critical of the swap – the WH doesn’t call her any more.

Boo Hoo Dianne! He always flings his loyal supporters under the bus.

Only John Kerry seems unaffected, – probably because he was never informed.

Now on one hand he can claim plausible deniability under oath,…

– on the other it’s an admission that Obama doesn’t trust him with the sticky stuff – probably because of his life-long habit or running his mouth off.

And Kerry – being Kerry – has no shame. He is quickly seen – and photographed yucking it up with another Islamic terrorist – Nabih Berri. He’s the guy who hijacked TWA-847 back in ’85 – and killed a US Navy diver. Fun fellow – right Lurch?


But Lurch has no shame – he’ll yuck it up with anybody for a photo-op – or a live shot. He still sees himself as presidential material, – even if patriots see him as a lifelong traitor and liar.

And damn-it – he wants HIS Nobel Peace Prize!!

Meanwhile, Democrats – who routinely pay near-ZERO attention to all those yucky things like foreign affairs, the military, and anything to do with terrorism [for which they can’t appropriate more money for ‘first responders’],…

– – are flummoxed to come up with a cogent explanation of why Obama clearly went off the reservation….

Supporting him seems like thankless political disaster – a la Feinstein.

Opposing his move seems like closing the barn door – after the Taliban War chiefs were in their 5-star hotel suites in Qatar….

Enjoying the Doha Qatar Nightlife

You ~ may ~ note that the news services largely ignored the Taliban attack Sunday on Pakistan’s Karachi airport where they are still finding bodies.

Karachi Airport 8 June 2014

So – just 5 months away from the mid-term elections, Democrats are lost and rudderless.

Not much they can campaign on,…maybe the usual union pablum – “crumbling roads and bridges”?

Except,…after 5½ years under Obama – hasn’t he already fixed all the roads and bridges?

RIP: Robert Dean Stethem b. 61 – d. 85 US Navy 

Lurch never knew your name, – but we remember!

3 Responses to “Democrats Suddenly Rudderless”

  1. Varvara

    How did Kerry miss the Rose Garden party?

  2. Walter Knight

    Obama has 2 1/2 years to complete his agenda of closing GITMO, bringing home all combat troops, opening our borders, disabling our nuclear capability, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, and looting as much as he can. Expect more Executive Orders as Congress balks.

  3. Sherox

    It is one thing to complain about something, it is another to actually do something.