Democrats Standing In Blood – Again!

Posted May 14th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Before the blood had dried, – even before all the bodies were pulled from the mangled car,  – Democrats were blaming Republican budget cuts for the wreck of Amtrak 188.
Train Wreck Republican's Fault
They hadn’t waited for the facts. Why bother?  They’re Democrats.
Brandon Bostian info

Train was speeding at 106 mph around a curve – with a speed limit of 50 mph, – run by a gay activist engineer who had previously worked as a cashier for Target.

PONDER THAT: A wreck that has claimed 7 lives – is suddenly the fault of stingy Republicans who stripped funding from money-losing / money wasting Amtrak, – despite the fact that the train was running over twice the speed limit…

Amtrak 188 Derailed


At a meeting of the House Appropriations Committee MoonBats Nita Lowey and Steve Israel were quick to blame “Republican budget cuts”….

At the White House Obama’s press liar Josh Earnest echoed the sentiments….

Brandon BostianMeanwhile Union Engineer Brandon Bostian – apparently uninjured – had already lawyered up and was refusing to talk to the NTSB. 

We can wonder if his lawyer will discuss the implications of “depraved indifference” when added to a negligent homicide charge.

Time for cameras in locomotive cabs?

Would a camera have caught Brandon texting?  Or masturbating?  Or looking at gay porn on his cell phone?

BLET Union

Without thinking, the union [BLET – Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainsmen] chimed in – claiming that staffing cuts were forcing engineers to work too long, inducing stress and fatigue.  They want Amtrak to hire more Target cashiers as Locomotive Engineers.  They need the dues….

Democrats have a rule: NEVER let a crisis or a dead body go to waste!

Remember in 2012 when the Benghazi Massacre was the fault of “Republican Staffing Cuts”? Yeah, right! How about a bungled arms-smuggling operation run by Hillary Clinton…?

Are you sick and tired of the Democratic Party yet?

BLET Statement

Ask yourself:  WHERE in our Constitution is it written that it is the Federal Government’s Business to run railroads?

2 Responses to “Democrats Standing In Blood – Again!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Never let a crisis go to waste. Ironically the House was debating the Amtrak budget which gave the vultures just another opportunity to blame the Republicans. Like every other Government Agency, Amtrak, is overfunded, poorly run and a haven for unions. Like other railroads across the country, it should be privatised.

  2. Panther 6

    This is disgusting and beyond the Pale to try and blame the Republicans for this. If I am not mistaken BO came to the Presidency ready to cure all the ills of society with shovel ready projects. At that point didn’t he have a demorat House and Senate? So what happened in the next four years??? Nothing. Our leaders in D.C. are a disgrace.