Democrats Rehearse Race Card Soundbites

Posted August 31st, 2011 by Iron Mike

As the 2012 Presidential and Congressional races begin, the incumbent Democrats are beginning to try out their tried-and-true sound bites – ‘Racism‘, ‘Jim Crow‘, lynching, and ‘TEA Party‘.  There will be a steady daily diet of these charges for the next 14 months, and many voters will be duly intimidated. [if video loads slowly – please hit REFRESH / F5]

What the MSM will not tell their viewers is that the collection of Black congressmen/women in this video have all voted for the very programs which have shut down hiring and put 14.2% of Black Americas into unemployment. But these congress critters are still getting their paychecks!

I wonder how many Black voters will be insulted by these people who seem to believe the only way minorities can get ahead is through government welfare programs?

One Response to “Democrats Rehearse Race Card Soundbites”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    This race baiting, Andre Carson, was with Miss Nancy as they marched with the Giant Gavel across Constitution Ave. after the passage of Obamacare. He was the one who made allegations, yet unproven, the Tea Party members were spitting and yelling racial epithets. The CBC is made up of a bunch of intrenchend race baiters who will use the race card whenever it might futher their cause. I understand that Col. Allen West will leave the CBC.