Democrats Play “Chicken” With DACA

Posted January 6th, 2018 by Iron Mike

As Trump’s first very successful year ends,  and his second year draws close,  Democrats are in frenzied desperation to somehow derail his (our) progress.  Their threat this next week will be DACA or Shutdown.   A bluff, – or a terribly flawed calculation?

The 16-day shutdown in 2013 was barely noticed,  but the Christmas Shutdown of 1993-94 produced the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal – and an impeachment.

Democrats in Congress need a victory under their belt as they head into the 2018 mid-term election season.  Lacking any such victory – they look like expensive but helpless pawns on Trump’s chess board.

They’ve decided to stake their futures on non-citizen,  – those 800,000 DACA kids Obama so cruelly used to garner sympathy from his base.

In essence the Democrats have said that these illegal immigrants should count MORE than US Citizens,  – and that they have “a RIGHT to be here”, – and YOU must PAY FOR THEM.


No,  they don’t really feel that way,  – they just want those 800,000 to eventually become US Citizens – and enrolled Democrat voters.

High birth rates and chain immigration should produce 80 years of Democrat-run governments – at both state and federal levels.

NOTE: Pitting ethnic and economic groups against each other is one of the most basic tricks of kings dating back to the beginning of recorded history.

It has been one of the BASIC TRICKS of Communists for 100 years!

Trump’s problems are the gutless RiNOs in Congress – who cringe under their desks at the very thought of being called ‘racist’ by the Propaganda Ministry.

RiNOs are like Democrats,  they have no core values of their own,  other than being re-elected to their cushy government paychecks.

The Democrats have no use for the United States.  They want a border-less world, unfettered mass migration from the Third World,  and a Socialist World Government which strips productive people of their wealth and property to feed the masses.

Our Constitution…? “Just a relic of white slave owners,…racist and outdated!”

Thankfully,  Trump has the VETO,  and his Tweets,  and the majority of Patriotic Americans standing behind him.

And if there weren’t enough immigrant crimes and outrages happening across the land, – Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, – the murderer of Kate Steinle just got off on his one guilty finding.

Democrats are perfectly delighted to let 800,000 more – or 12,000,000 more, – live among us – all on the Taxpayer’s Dime.

And they’ll shut down the Government to get their way!

5 Responses to “Democrats Play “Chicken” With DACA”

  1. Sherox

    I wonder what would have happened to the perp if he had been a US citizen or a white male.

  2. Kojack

    A government shutdown is really no big deal. Social Security checks still go out, illegal aliens and well-fare deadbeats still get their EBT cards refilled, the Post Office will still continue to deliver the mail, the armed forces will still be on duty, etc. In fact Obysmal had to exaggerate it by closing the national parks and LOCKING ELDERLY WWII VETS OUT OF THEIR OWN MONUMENT IN DC. This time DEMOCRAPS will get the blame, so BRING IT ON!!!

    As far as DACA and the so-called DREAMERS, STATISTICALLY THEY ARE NO BETTER THAN ANY OTHER GROUP OF UN-ARMED INVADERS. In fact, their high school drop-out rate is higher than the legal American population. NEWS-FLASH, LIB-TURDS, they are not all valedictorians! And then there is the SHEER AUDACITY of demanding things from the taxpayers of a country they are not even legally in!!! NO, DON’T BREAK-UP THE FAMALIES, KICK THEM ALL OUT!!! We don’t need any more future DEMOCRAPS in the country.

  3. Leonard Mead

    Just sent a note to Trump encouraging him NOT to cave to enabling 800,000 future illegals to get voting rights.

    When the government shuts down, Trump can blame the democrats and use the opportunity to PERMANENTLY shut down the many worthless government “departments” whose worthlessness will be demonstrated when the public doesn’t miss anything.

    Len Mead

  4. Panther 6

    Agree with Leonard,,,don’t give in. There can be an equitable solution that takes care of GOOD guys and gals in this DACA trap. I know an equitable solution sounds like a cop out but some of these folks are worth keeping. The Chuckie and PeeLoosely solution should be squashed. If the demorats threaten shut down if they don’t get their full demands make sure that info is being broadcast and tweeted everywhere. Folks have started listening. It could well doom them in the 18 election.

  5. MC

    The truth that the DemRats aren’t telling us is that according to the Center for Immigration Studies 26% of DACA are functionally illiterate and 46% only have “basic” English proficiency instead of the demorats narrative that they are highly educated.

    Only 4% of the DACA illegals alliens have completed a college education…