Democrat’s Newfound Villain: AG Bill Barr

Posted May 2nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

 For 30 long terrible months – since the morning of Wednesday, 9 Nov 2016,  – Democrats have been living in a delusional alternate universe  – one where Putin helped Trump steal the election from their “Rightful Queen” (it was her turn), – but where they would eventually impeach him and Hillary would be sworn in as the “Legitimate Winner”….

About these particular Democrats:

Kamala Harris:  Essentially a whore, slept her way into prominence with California’s Senate President Willie Brown.  Running for President…

Mazie Hirono:  71-yr old Georgetown lawyer – has held continuous political offices since 1981 (38 years) with nothing to show for it.

Da Nang” Dick Blumenthal:  Claimed for years to be a Vietnam Veteran

Cory Booker:   Son of privilege (Rhodes Scholar) – mayor of Newark as murder rate soared, openly supported pedophile Senator Menendez…. Running for President…

Ted Lieu:   born in Taipei, a Georgetown lawyer (Colonel in the USAF Jag Corps) – in political office since 2005 – recently embarrassed himself and was severely bitch-slapped by Candace Owens for a racist remark in Congress.

Ro Khanna:  Yale lawyer – in office 2 years, was in Obama’s Commerce Dept and is co-chair of Bernie Sander’s 2020 campaign.

Julián Castro:  Harvard lawyer – in political office since 2001 – was Obama’s SecHUD.   Easily confused with his twin brother Congressman Joaquin Castro (also Harvard lawyer / political office since 2003)

Maxine Waters:   80 years old – degree in Sociology – in political office since 1976 (43 years), avowed socialist and longtime fan of Louis Farrakhan.

Adam Schiff:   Harvard lawyer – in political office since 1996, loudly anti-Trump, – he has spent these past 30 months telling reporters that “I have seen the evidence”.  Somehow Mueller’s team never saw it….

Chris Van Hollen:   Another Georgetown lawyer – holding political offices since 1991 (28 years), – anti-gun and pro-abortion.

So many Dems are guilty of various crimes and sleazy acts,  – like Feinstein who employed an unvetted Chinese spy for over 20 years….

…they all just ASSUME that Trump ‘must be dirty‘,…and they pinned their hopes on Mueller finding some shred of hard evidence around which they could construct an impeachment case….

…but after 22 months of looking all over the world,…he came up EMPTY,  – so their next hope was OBSTRUCTION,…

…but even Mueller and his 19 Clinton Lawyers couldn’t turn Trump’s tweets into Obstruction (although he clearly wanted to)….

And Bill Barr – being an eminently worthy lawyer,  – put it all to bed saying that there was nothing there the Feds could make a case out of.

In their rage and frustration, Dems are inconsolable,  because now they have NOTHING to offer voters in 2020,  – except “free stuff” – paid for by super-taxing the rich (aka Socialism).

For Democrats, public office is about controlling the stupid masses….

They NEED you to be ignorant (or forgetful) of their party’s HISTORY:


Indian Removal

The Civil War

the KKK and lynchings

Jim Crow Laws

Poll taxes, literacy tests, and marriage licenses

the syphilis experiments

racist Woodrow Wilson re-segregating the Army and Navy

eugenics, abortion, Margaret Sanger, and Planned Parenthood

the prolonged Great Depression

Indian Reservations

WWII internment of Japanese Americans

failing Union-run Public Schools

inner-city EBT Ghettos (Black Voter Plantations)

Segregated Public Schools

LBJ’s failed presidency

Jimmy Carter’s failed presidency

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

Obama’s fake birth certificate

failing Democrat-run big cities & murder rates

Hillary and Uranium One and Benghazi

the rigged 2016 Democrat primaries and convention

Hillary and the Golden Showers Dossier

3 Responses to “Democrat’s Newfound Villain: AG Bill Barr”

  1. Varvara

    What happens if one of the young men falls off the wall while trying to scale it and brakes a leg or his back? Who calls for the ambulance? Who pays his hospital bill?

  2. panther 6

    Well I am not sure about the best answers to Varvara’s questions but I think this would not be a problem with the wall that our President wants to build. The wall being scaled there is old and obviously inadequate.

  3. Mt Woman

    These are despicable people, unworthy to hold any office. My beautiful cat has more integrity than the bunch of them