Democrats Need A Quick Distraction

Posted September 21st, 2020 by Iron Mike

Democrats are in a panic – and are trying not to show it.  Their candidate – China Joe – is disintegrating before everybody’s eyes.  They can no longer hide it.  AOC is driving their train, and Kamala has a chance of becoming the FIRST COMMUNIST WOMAN PRESIDENT.

The added pressure of trying to stop Trump from replacing Ginsburg before November has them making insane statements – like “another impeachment”.

Democrats have ALWAYS had three problems:

Seeing the Future and Planning….

Governing and telling the Truth….

Finding honest and worthy candidates….

The reason is their party was founded on racism,  illegal acts,  and outright theft (slavery,  Indian removal,  and land theft).   From the days of of Andrew Jackson – 192 years ago,  the elitists who run the party had to lie to their voters about the true agenda.

Today those lies include Global Warming, Climate Change,  “Systemic Racism”,  defunding police,  and “Democratic Socialism”.

Poorly / badly educated young people are swallowing those lies,  – and they’re burning cities and looting stores to “change an evil society”.

Yet,  still Trump fans turn out by the THOUSANDS!

And Slow Joe continues to display slurred and confused speech,  – the sure signs of advancing dementia.

They urgently need a distraction!

Brace yourselves Americans,  – the Democrats will do damn near ANYTHING to divert the media from Biden,  – and blame some atrocity on Trump.

Inoculate yourself.   Don’t believe the first reports of ANYTHING!

In this last week of September,  – or maybe in the first few days of October – look for some truly horrific headlines,  and expect the Dem’s media partners to spin it all against Trump and Republicans.

Trust in the Lord,  – and talk with your young people!

2 Responses to “Democrats Need A Quick Distraction”

  1. Jim Ettwein

    So, here we are. Trump will nominate a justice. The Senate will be consumed by this event. It will distract them further and further. They will lose focus on the election, and lose focus on their candidate. Their candidate will not do well, without the constant attention of the party behind him. Trump will win.

    Harris is on the Judiciary Committee which will begin hearings on the nominee post haste. She will also be distracted from the campaign. Seems like the best thing might be for the Dems to suck it up, consent to the nominee, and begin to concentrate on the election.

  2. Kojack

    Commissar Harris, the Hoe, will NEVER govern the USA, the USSA maybe.