Democrats Coming For Lockdown Charlie!

Posted December 15th, 2020 by Iron Mike

How juicy!  A Harvard political theorist – worried about ‘inequities’ in the Commonwealth – exacerbated by Baker’s Coronavirus lockdowns….thinks she can restore social justice to what Baker has screwed up…

She hasn’t yet SAID that she’s an über-liberal Democrat,  – she doesn’t have to.

Allen is the perfect female Obama, – calling herself a “Black Woman” despite having a white mother….

And she’s all about Black Victimization,  – citing a teenage cousin who was convicted at age 15 for CARJACKING,  and killed in prison – three years into his 11 year sentence.

While not exactly a ‘community organizer’ – she teaches theoretical politics based on the Greek and Roman civilizations.  Tough to challenge her work and philosophy in the real world….

With her mixed-race genes,  her degrees from Princeton, Cambridge (England),  and Harvard, Danielle will have Masshole LibTurds salivating all over themselves to work on her campaign.

Imagine – two years of racial virtue-signaling.

Why,  even Acting pResident Kamala might come and campaign for Allen!

Hey Charlie,  – if you don’t want to be seen losing your ass to this college professor of theoretical government,  – – maybe before he’s sent to Walter Reed China Joe could make you an ambassador to some god-forsaken third-world shithole,  – like maybe Venezuela,  Turkey,  the Sudan,  or even North Korea!

Or you could go to work for your friends at Planned Parenthood.

2 Responses to “Democrats Coming For Lockdown Charlie!”

  1. Walter Knight

    A main theme of Communists in rejecting Western democracy and freedom is that they will ‘distribute opportunity fairly.’ It’s a lie. The majority will rule no matter what type of government.

    In Cuba, Hispanics rule over Blacks. In China the Han rule over many minorities, as happened in the USSR. If America ever goes Communist, a White majority will still rule. The difference will be that the rule of law means nothing to Communists.

    There’s the question. People like Danielle Allen think Communism will give minorities a fair shake. But, should they really trust White Communists that don’t believe in the rule of law? No. Never trust Communists to do the right thing. Remember, the first thing Communists do upon seizing power is murder people.

    Don’t believe me? Look at China and the Ukraine. Millions were murdered or starved.

  2. Jim Buba


    They’re still murder… I mean PURGING and re-educating

    So, how do you re-educate a Harvard Dweeb?