Democrats ALWAYS Over-React!

Posted August 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Today they want FEDERAL LAWS requiring US Citizens to turn in their “Military Assault Weapons” – or go to jail.  It has a familiar ring.  But Democrats are lousy at real math.

78 years ago their FEAR was placed in decent American Citizens of Japanese ancestry,  – so they ordered them rounded up – in concentration camps in the high desert.

Democrats have ALWAYS over-reacted out of unreasoned fear.

In 1861 they feared newly-elected President Lincoln would order their slaves set free,  – so they seceded from the Union and started our bloodiest war ever.

When they lost that war, they feared that the 4,000,000 freed Blacks would take over the governments of Southern States,  – so they passed a series of Jim Crow Laws to “keep them in their place”,  – and formed the KKK – (a white nationalist terrorist organization) to keep Blacks in perpetual fear.

The NRA was formed by Northern Preachers to arm Southern Blacks so that they could defend themselves from the night riders.

After World War One,  – and continuing at greater speed and intensity to this very day, – the Socialist Movement has infiltrated and attempted to usurp leadership in the American Democrat Party.

With Obama they succeeded, – but he was spectacularly inept…

Now over a a dozen “Democrats” want to be our next president, – and initiate a number of socialist programs,  – $15.oo/hour and a Guaranteed Income for all,  – guaranteed Medicare for All,  – Open Borders,  – and Gun Confiscation.

Gun Confiscation is KEY,  – they understand that a disarmed population cannot effectively resist the Edicts of the Dictator.

5 Responses to “Democrats ALWAYS Over-React!”

  1. hddan

    Who do we vote for now? The Republicans, along with our President are running scared with their tails between their legs. They are supporting more gun control, including the “Red flag laws”. That means that if I am angry at anyone that I know that has a gun or guns, all I need to do is anonymously call the cops and tell them how frightened that I am and they will confiscate the guns of the person that I want to f&*k with. “A well regulated militia being necessary to a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed”. What part of that Constitutional right gives the cowardly politicians the power to enact these totalitarian laws?
     If neither party has the courage to defend the Constitution that they took an oath to preserve and protect, just who are we supposed to vote for? The Democrats are looking to provoke another Civil War. Does anyone actually believe that the American gun owners are so pussified that they will just hand over the guns that they have thousands of dollars invested in?  The left loves these mass shootings. They immediately call for punishing the American People that did NOT do the shooting while objecting to capital punishment for those that did.
     Don’t forget, the Tsarnaev brothers did most of their killing by unpeeling firecrackers to make their bombs. The Saracen in New York mowed down joggers with a Ryder truck. The most deadly school incident was done in Michigan with Dynamite, not guns. Are you going to commit a mass shooting? Neither am I, so why do even the supposedly conservative Republicans want to take out their cowardly frustrations on the 350,000,000 million Americans that did not shoot anyone? I just don’t get it.

  2. Kojack

    DUMMYCRAPS are too STUPID to know that THEIR party is the party of slavery, racism, jim crow, ID politics, Marxism and division. Many know but don’t care because THAT’S WHO THEY REALLY ARE!!!

  3. Varvara

    I remember the first time I saw an ad about gun control. It went…. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

    This was on the bottom of a photo of a gun on a table. Next photo was a gun in a hand.

  4. Leonard Mead

    Refresher History for Dummies —

    * Believe a Promise free stuff for everybody
    * “Leaders” Build strong army to protect everyone
    * Confiscate all guns for your protection
    * Eliminate private property so the state can redistribute stuff from the “rich” to you
    * Ignore that the “state” and the “army” get all the goodies
    * Start running out of choice, jobs, toilet paper, electricity, etc
    * Start complaining and disappear
    * Realize you’ve been taken over by tyrants, socialists, and Big Brother
    * Welcome to the democrat platformf for 2020

    Len Mead
    C+ History Student

  5. Kojack

    HDDAN – As an Life+ NRA Member since ’76 I share your concern as I’m sure many of the regular posters on RRB do as both gunowners and patriots. It would SUCK BIG TIME to go back to voting for the lesser of two evils like we’ve been doing since Ronald Reagan’s 2nd term until 2016 when we voted FOR Trump and AGAINST Hillary Rotten. Hopefully President Trump is only pondering the idea of gun control but will decide against it. Maybe we should make the President aware of our disapproval before its too late.

    If more gun control is passed by the GOP with Trump’s approval, unfortunately, we have no where to go. Abandoning him and allowing the DUMMYCRAPS to win in 2020 would result in a situation that would be infinitely worse.