Democrats Always Give Us Violent Cities

Posted February 4th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Last night “two rival gang members met by chance” near the Macy’s shoe department in the Braintree Mall – south of Boston.   One or both of them began shooting.

This morning the Media won’t reveal WHICH GANGS were involved…?  Maybe because Boston has so many the cops aren’t sure…?

For as long as I’ve followed the national news,…Boston has been the leader in social change and social experimentation….school integration,  school busing,  EEO / AA,  hiring quotas, “taking care of the poor”,  special education,  youth intervention programs,…anti-gang measures,…


It is likely impossible to count all the money poured into these social programs,  – all designed to allow Black and Hispanic kids to grow into productive tax-paying citizens…

Any police force can only be as effective as the quality of their leadership,   – and these two – Mayor Walsh and Chief Evans,  – are the products of a dumbed-down electorate and the insistence on Affirmative Action in all city hiring.

And now within weeks we learn the truth,….that none of it has worked.

Whether it is a 15 year old kid beheaded on the banks of the Merrimack River in Lawrence – by another 15 year old;  – or a shootout in Macy’s,….all the ooey-gooey social programs and all the money poured into EBT Cards has only produced a more gruesome level of violence and murder.

Always a leader in changing social norms, MassHoles abolished the Death Penalty in 1984.

Street gangs and NFL stars kill indiscriminately – knowing that sooner or later a LibTurd governor will let them free – like Dukakis did with Willie Horton.

The same liberals who don’t want you to carry a concealed weapon with you – still expect you to shop in the malls as if nothing had happened.

And since nobody was hit Friday night – when the shooter(s) are found,   – they’ll get off with minimal sentences,  then be released early,….only to resume their gang life,  – the only life they’ve known in Liberal True-Blue Massachusetts….

The “Social Program” we need is the Death Penalty,  but the MassHole Legislature figures their pay raise is far more urgent than bullet-proof vests for cops.

Last night we again saw the spill-over effect of big city street crime.  Even if you think you live in a “safe community” – the gangs may pay your town a visit.

WORSE,  there are folks trying to turn your town and your state into a “Sanctuary City”,  – so that in addition to the street gangs you’ve heard of,  – you can expect gangs of Muslim youths roaming about looking for girls to rape – like they have been doing in Europe….

Own a gun yet…?

UPDATE:  Sat AM  4 Feb 2017   Gunman arrested. Michael J. Spence

Despite all the LAWS we have in Massachusetts – designed to keep guns out of “the wrong hands”somehow Michael had a gun…?

2 Responses to “Democrats Always Give Us Violent Cities”

  1. Kim

    Maybe I’d make a bad eye witness; but, he doesn’t look 23 y/o to me.

    Town elections are coming up in many towns. They are not as exciting as other elections but they are just as important. Identify the moonbats running your town and get them the hell out. RUN FOR LOCAL OFFICE if you want to start taking your towns and our State back!

  2. Sonny's Mom

    BREAKING: From the office of Commonwealth of Massachusetts Attorney General Maura “Hold It!” Healey… not one, single peep!