Democrat Voter Suppression: Their Words!

Posted March 13th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The irony is mind-numbing!   There is Jim Clyburn – that aging veteran of the Civil Rights Movement and decades of Black Voter Registration,  – suddenly afraid that their brain-damaged “CHOSEN ONE” will say something stupid or damaging – if given another public forum.

So he wants to END DEBATES and shut down the remaining Democrat Primaries?  Do you begin to understand that the Democrat Party is really just a criminal cartel? video evidence:

Might we ask Congressman Clyburn about his feelings that Trump has lifted more Blacks – AND YOUNG BLACKS – out of poverty and into the working class, – while for 8 long years Obama and Biden were content to take their votes in exchange for EBT Cards…and Obama phones?

Or is he resenting the fact that Blacks in record numbers are walking away from the Party of Slavery, Jim Crow,  Voter Suppression,  Abortion,  Single Teenage Mothers,  and Failing Schools?

Clyburn:  I think when the night is over,  Joe Biden will be the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination,  – and quite frankly, – if the night ends the way it has begun, – I think it is time for us to shut this primary down, it is time for us to cancel the rest of these debates, 

— because you don’t do anything but get yourself in trouble if you continue in this contest when it’s obvious that the numbers will not shake out for you,” 

Meanwhile, – outside her soggy teepee on the Cambridge Reservation,  – Senator Squaw was trying to put a chipper face on her shitty campaign and her resounding rejection by Democrat voters on Super Tuesday…

…she blamed those Democrats for “SEXISM”…

SEXISM?  Only voters in Democrat Party Primaries – – are DEMOCRATS!

And then Squad Member AOC ( that Boston University Economics Genius) went on Fox to explain how Democrat Poll Workers in Michigan had suppressed the young Bernie Babes from voting – by keeping them out in the cold – for hours….

Please NOTE: she delivers those lines with a straight face.

And there you have it – in their own words.

The 2020 Democrat campaign to pick their Trump-Slayer is over.

All it took was some Sexism,  some Millennial Voter Suppression,  and now an END to Debates and Primaries,  – so Slow Joe doesn’t admit again in public – to using US Taxpayer Money to bribe a foreign government…

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  1. GreenBeretLTC

    It’ my experience that Clyburn’s been saying stupid and dangerous things ever since I learned who he was. Remember the tantrum he threw back when the Republicans took the House and moved Peloser down to minority leader? Clyburn raised hell because he was losing his corner office and his chauffeured limo. Crying racism, Peloser displaced another underling from prime real estate in submission to Clyburn, and some Democrat committee agreed to pay for his chauffeur.



    Just another Black Poverty Pimp – that managed to get elected, and reelected a total of 12 times. He is now rich and set for life, while the poor Blacks of South Carolina had to wait for Trump to start opening doors for them…