Delicious! CNN Tastes America’s Anger

Posted June 25th, 2018 by Iron Mike

BREAKING!  The South Carolina crowd who came to hear President Trump turned on CNN and Jim Acosta,  – and it was a thing of beauty!  Tonight CNN and Acosta are trying to spin the crowd’s anger as being “anti-free press”.

Tonight’s hero is Maria Rojas who lives in West Columbia,  – she got right in Acosta’s face.  He looked rattled.  Delightful video

In this video you can see the folks in the crowd letting CNN and the CNN audience at home how they feel. Clearly a live shot Acosta would like to forget.

In this next video Acosta and his CNN anchor try to blame the hostility on Trump.


Folks, understand a couple of things about this event – which I see as a tipping point….

The Liberal Press is no longer the so-called “4th Estate”,  – no longer the impartial watchdog over government….

...they have sided with big government,  – which means they are on the side of the Democrats,  the globalists,  and the world socialists.

Young people today don’t study journalism to seek and tell the TRUTH;  – they go into it to MOLD PUBLIC OPINION – to ‘change the world’.

During the Vietnam War the media learned that they COULD mold public opinion,  – just by telling the bad half of every story,  – and ignoring the good news.

Carry that forward today – 50 years later,  – and the media IGNORED last week’s record-breaking low unemployment numbers.  They wanted to focus on “separated refugee families – in cages”. 

The American People have seen enough. They understand the evil.

Maria is the unlikely heroine,  – but in many ways she is the perfect person to have lit this spark.  We can only hope that others will follow her example – and make life miserable for these media creeps who think we’re all stupid moldable sheep.

Let’s also encourage sponsors not to advertise on networks who lie to our citizens in furtherance of the Globalist Agenda of George Soros.

Trump didn’t manufacture this anti-media anger;  it’s a self-inflicted wound 10 years in the making.

2 Responses to “Delicious! CNN Tastes America’s Anger”

  1. Hawk1776

    Accosta is an a$$hole. If I were Trump I’d kick the White House Press Corps out of the White House, and give empty seats on Air Force One to military personnel.

  2. Panther 6

    Way to GO Maria! The idiot got just what he deserved. The CNN SUCKS sign is a little over the edge but CNN earned with all the Fake news reporting.